Time Etc. vs Wing Assistant: Which Should You Hire?

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A virtual assistant is one of the first hires that business owners make, regardless of industry. But trying to find a good quality VA is no small feat. Where do you even start? A quick Google search will give you options like Fiverr and Upwork, but you will still need to weed through hundreds of potential virtual assistants and spend a lot of time trying to find the right fit. That is why it’s much more efficient to use a VA service. And in this article, we will be comparing two, Time Etc. vs Wing Assistant.

Both virtual assistant services can help to connect you with a qualified and experienced virtual assistant for your business, but what’s the difference between the two? And which is best for the needs of your business?

All about Time Etc.

Firstly, we will look at the virtual assistant service Time Etc. Since Time Etc. was founded in 2007, they have helped over 22,000 entrepreneurs increase their growth and productivity by linking them with virtual assistants from the United States and the United Kingdom.

How does the service work?

Time Etc. is a virtual assistant service that matches you with a VA based on skills and experience required to perform the tasks you need. They will work for you remotely, with the flexibility to be available whenever required. Each assistant must pass a 10-stage selection process to make the cut. As part of the hiring and selection process, Time Etc. assesses each applicant for:

  • Key traits
  • Personality
  • Education
  • Experience (minimum of 5-8 years
  • English skills
  • Communication
  • Software experience
  • Technical know-how
  • Environment/equipment
  • Long-term commitment potential

As a business owner working with Time Etc. there are three steps to get started:


You’ll speak with one of the experts at Time Etc. to explain your needs and business goals.


They will match you with a virtual assistant who they believe is the perfect fit for you (you’ll have the opportunity to talk to them before approving the match).


Once approved, your virtual assistant will get started on your tasks.

Who is the ideal Time Etc. client?

Time Etc. targets US and UK-based entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed with the daily admin tasks of their business. These are typically single entrepreneurs or small start-ups who are ready to scale up their business but feel disorganized, stressed, and have no time for strategy. If you need help with general admin (document formatting, data entry, inbox management, etc.), social media, and research, then a Time Etc. virtual assistant could be a great fit for you.

Why would business leaders choose Time Etc.?

Time Etc. was one of the first virtual assistant services companies on the scene. They were founded back in 2007, giving them many years of experience serving entrepreneurs and providing them with qualified virtual assistants. The number of years in the industry may make entrepreneurs feel more confident in their service.

Additionally, they have high standards for each virtual assistant, with the 10-stage selection process that was designed by Penni Pike, Richard Branson’s former personal assistant. They have apparent ease of doing business with options for same-day turnaround on specific tasks.

Drawbacks of hiring Time Etc.

Although Time Etc. has been around for many years, the service still has some drawbacks.

Their pricing structure is somewhat limited, with only four tiers available, which are 10, 20, 40, or 60 hours per month. They have no options for pay-as-you-go. Additionally, the hourly pricing can fall above the average you can find for a virtual assistant. Because there is no pay-as-you-go option, it’s not suited for single tasks or one-off projects.

Another drawback of Time Etc. is that their virtual assistants don’t have specializations. Each assistant is qualified on a more generic basis to handle administrative tasks, but if you want a specialized skill set, you won’t find it here. For example, you may work in real estate or e-commerce and want an assistant who knows a lot about the industry, so you don’t have to spend as much time training.

All about Wing Assistant

Next, we will look at Wing Assistant, which provides specialized, experienced virtual executive assistants to small and medium-sized businesses. Launched in 2018, Wing Assistant serves SMBs in various industries worldwide with assistants who can jump directly into their systems and processes, utilizing the tools they are most comfortable with.

How does Wing match SMBs with VAs?

If you decide to work with Wing to get a virtual assistant (or 2) for your business, how will they match you with the best candidate?

Wing has a rigorous vetting program to select and approve candidates and an in-depth training and testing program. Once hired, each assistant works under close supervision of experienced Operations Managers to ensure they perform to their highest potential. Wing has assistants available worldwide, meaning they can dedicate you an assistant in your time zone who operates during an 8-hour window chosen by you.

The onboarding process with Wing is four main steps:

Introductory call

First, you will need to set up a short intro call where you will tell the Wing consultant about your business goals and what tasks you are looking to outsource. They will walk you through their systems, including their free software and app, plus it’s a chance to ask any questions you have before making your decision.

Meet your customer success manager

The second step is to meet your assigned customer success manager. This is the person you will work with to start delegating all your tasks, and they will be your support person if you have questions or need extra help.

Set up your account

Wing Assistant provides a free software for all their clients to use, which can help you optimize the way your work and communicate with your assistants. The software includes communication features, secure password sharing, workflow management, etc. If you are interested in using the software, which they recommend you do, then this is the stage where you can set up your account.

Get started

Once you’re all set up, you can start working with your virtual assistant and offloading tasks to them so you can focus on business growth.

What does Wing Assistant’s “unlimited” coverage mean?

Wing Assistant offers business owners the unique benefit of unlimited work coverage. Essentially you can give them as much work as you have, and they will ensure that it gets completed. The timeframe will depend on what kind of work it is and how long it will take, but if you need to put a rush on something, you can. Also, they offer multiple plan types, and on the Pro plan, you will have two assistants assigned to you, which means more work can be completed in a shorter time frame.

Why would business leaders hire Wing?

There are many reasons business leaders may hire Wing over other VA services. First of all, since there are Wing assistants located around the world, you can have assistants assigned to you when you need them, regardless of location. This is usually an 8-hour block of time of your choosing. But there is also the potential of 24/7 coverage if you need it.

On top of that, you can still use Wing for your business as you travel. If you want to spend some time traveling, move abroad for a bit or stay in your own home, you get to take your Wing assistant with you (digitally, of course).

The company is highly innovative, with its own software and app available for business owners to use to make the process of working with a virtual assistant seamless.

Time Etc. vs Wing Assistant: comparing their services

Do you have a specific list of tasks you’re looking to outsource to a virtual assistant? Let’s have a look at the services that both VA services offer and how they compare to each other.

Time Etc. vs Wing Assistant: General admin tasks

Both Wing Assistant and Time Etc. have virtual assistants who are proficient at performing general administrative tasks. These are the tasks that most entrepreneurs and SMBs are looking to outsource first, as they are generally low level and easy to train others to complete. Some of the admin tasks that both services can provide include:

  • Schedule management
  • Inbox management
  • Expenses and invoices
  • Data entry
  • Travel booking
  • Transcriptions
  • Document formatting
  • Manage voicemails
  • Ordering supplies

In addition, Wing assistants can handle sourcing (product, supplier sourcing, etc.) and are all trained to handle a variety of CRM tools.

Time Etc. vs Wing Assistant: Research

Time Etc. and Wing Assistant are also quite comparable for research tasks. Their assistants can help you:

  • Gather data on industry trends and prepare reports
  • Research studies, statistics, and facts
  • Market research
  • Find contact details
  • Personal research such as for restaurants, accommodations, or gifts
  • Research for ideas for content marketing
  • Research competitors

Where the research category is concerned, both Wing and Time Etc. are about the same.

Wing and Time Etc.: Social media and content marketing

Both Wing Assistant and Time Etc. can provide help with social media and content marketing, but only Wing will assign you an assistant who specializes in this area.

Time Etc. can dedicate a VA who can:

  • Craft social media posts
  • Build email campaigns
  • Content writing
  • Create marketing materials

It’s important to note that Time Etc. doesn’t create marketing strategies, but their assistants can help you execute them.

Wing Assistant has assistants who are skilled in content creation and community management. They can help you increase your brand visibility through social media by:

  • Setting up your social media profiles
  • Managing social communities and keeping them engaged
  • Creating content calendars
  • Pull insights and reports
  • Moderating brand pages and feeds
  • Designing social media graphics
  • Write social media captions

Wing and Time Etc.: Sales administration

Both virtual assistant services can help tackle some of your sales administration tasks, but in different ways.

Let’s look at how Time Etc. can help you in the sales department. Their assistants can offer you:

  • Research on business prospects
  • Updating your CRM
  • Sending invoices
  • Order inputting
  • Arranging meetings
  • Creating proposals
  • Following up about late payments

Something to note is that Time Etc. assistants do not do any cold sales tasks(neither calling nor email).

Wing Assistant has more comprehensive sales task coverage, with assistants already skilled in sales. They can help your business with sales calls, sales development, and even bilingual sales calling tasks. Here are some of the ways Wing can help your business with sales tasks:

  • Book demos
  • Attend demo calls
  • B2B lead acquisition
  • Conduct customer feedback surveys
  • B2B telemarketing (cold and warm)
  • Following up on late payments

Time Etc. and Wing: Marketing admin

One of the most common areas that entrepreneurs and small business owners need help in is marketing. Quality marketing is the only way businesses will succeed and grow, so you need an expert on board to make that happen. That said, hiring a marketing manager is often out of budget for new business owners, but many virtual assistants have the know-how to perform basic marketing tasks.

Both Time Etc. and Wing Assistant have professional VAs that can:

  • Perform website updates
  • Research and write content for your onsite blog
  • Write website content
  • Proofread your website
  • Update your CRM
  • Perform minor SEO updates

Additionally, Wing Assistant has expert assistants in content writing and content marketing that can help you with tasks such as:

  • Preparing ad copy
  • Managing your content calendars
  • Writing newsletters and press releases
  • Creating whitepapers
  • Marketing strategy support
  • Brand positioning
  • And more!

Beyond the services we’ve already included, Wing Assistant also has experts available in graphic designreal estatee-commercereception, and more.

Time Etc. vs Wing Assistant: comparing their pricing

So the burning question on everyone’s mind is: what will it cost me? Let’s break down the cost difference and pricing tiers of the two virtual assistant services.

Time Etc.

Time Etc. offers four main pricing tiers.

  • 10 hours for $360 per month ($36 per hour)
  • 20 hours for $700 per month ($35 per hour)
  • 40 hours for $1360 per month ($34 per hour)
  • 60 hours for $1980 per month ($33 per hour)

All unused hours will roll over to the next month, so you won’t lose your money if you don’t use all your hours.

Wing Assistant

Wing Assistant offers three main pricing plans.

  • Part-Time plan for $599 per month, with a dedicated assistant 4 hours per day (Mon-Fri), totaling 80 hours per month.
  • Full-Time plan for $999 per month, with a dedicated assistant 8 hours per day (Mon-Fri), totaling 160 hours per month.
  • Full-Time 2X plan for $1699 per month with 2 dedicated assistants both working 8 hours per day (Mon-Fri), totaling 320 hours per month

When you look at the difference in the prices of the two services, there is clear value to Wing Assistant over Time Etc. With the top plan, Wing Assistant offers you over five times the hours per month for a lower monthly investment.

Time Etc. vs Wing Assistant – which should you hire?

An entrepreneur or SMB owner will see great results and a reduction in stress by hiring virtual assistants from either Time Etc. or Wing Assistant. If you’re looking for someone to handle general admin, both will serve you well, although you get a lot more bang for your buck working with Wing Assistant.

Additionally, the fact that Wing Assistant offers so many specializations means that you can hire an assistant who is an expert in their field and help you to optimize processes in areas like e-commerce, marketing, sales, real estate, and more.

Get started with a Wing Assistant today!

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