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Mar, 2024


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🧛  Slaying Vampire Tasks
💼   Growth VS Inflation: The Ultimate Standoff

🤖  Open AI’s Sora Soars As Google’s Gemini Sinks

💰 Bitcoin Prices Set to Hit Record Heights

💼  Reddit Files For IPO- And Your Karma Might Land You Shares Of The Company

Good morning and welcome back to the March edition of Borderless. This month, we look into the state of Economy, AI, a highly anticipated IPO, and more. But first, let’s dive into how “Vampire tasks” might be slowing productivity. 

🧛 Slaying Vampire Tasks

A new research conducted by experts whom we assume are very smart people, finds that our smallest obligations aka Vampire Tasks, can often be the most draining undertaking of our day. ☀️   

Brightpearl, the company behind the research, surveyed over 2,000 workers and also found that 41% of workers felt “overwhelmed” by the amount of vampire tasks in their workload.

💼   Growth VS Inflation: The Ultimate Standoff

Once again, the Federal Reserve grapples with the delicate balance of nurturing economic growth while sidestepping the looming threat of inflation. Thankfully, a recent surge in productivity offers a glimmer of hope 🕊️, suggesting the potential for sustained economic expansion without stoking inflationary pressures.

When reasoned why an increase in productivity could dull the wave of inflation and spur economic activity, Stirling and Matthews from Bloomberg explains – “When workers are more efficient, firms can generate more money to raise wages without charging higher prices, so monetary policy can be a bit less concerned about inflation”.

🤖  Open AI’s Sora Soars As Google’s Gemini Sinks

Google’s much awaited rival to Dall-E was launched and taken down this month after users complained the AI was too “woke”. Critics flooded to X showcasing frustratingly inaccurate results to prompts such as one of an image of the Founding Fathers. The resulting image from Gemini revealed a racially and gender diverse but historically inaccurate reimagining of a scene with the Founding Fathers.

While AI Bias has usually leaned in the opposite direction, Gemini is the first of its kind to favour anti-white Bias in its AI model (Yay Progress!). 

On the other end of the AI spectrum. OpenAI unveiled Sora, a tool capable of generating videos from text prompts. Following up their immensely successful image generation tool, Sora promises to revolutionise content creation, offering a seamless way to bring textual ideas to life visually.

Based on our initial impression, Sora’s abilities are strikingly impressive, forcing us to wonder once again what new frontiers AI will lead to next.

💰 Bitcoin Prices Set to Hit Record Heights

Bitcoin’s back baby! Crypto-bros rejoice as the crypto currency tops $72,000 last week and promises to elevate even higher. Before the world economy came into shambles in the aftermath of the Russia-Ukraine war, Bitcoin investors enjoyed soaring prices and above-market returns on the highly volatile currency.

In recent times however, rising inflation and an economy with higher interest rates, most investors opted to store their investments in assets that are safer in a tumultuous economy.

Add a slew of scandals of bankruptcies in the crypto space, such as FTX, and money laundering charges against Binance, crypto seemed doomed for a while.

💼  Reddit Files For IPO- And Your Karma Might Land You Shares Of The Company

After years of will they, won’t they, Reddit files for IPO with the Security Exchange Commission making it the first social media company (if you can call it that) to file for IPO since Pinterest in 2019.

The company also revealed that they’re reserving an undisclosed amount of shares for its most loyal customers based on their participation.

Karma – Reddit’s in-house currency given to users for commenting and creating posts will most likely be used as the measure of participation,  proving detractors that being a mod in a subreddit is in fact a real job.

The anti-social social  media startup coined as the internet’s front page, enjoyed $804 million in revenue last year, up more than 20 percent compared to 2022. 💰

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