Case Studies

Examples of what makes wing the most powerful and user-friendly platform.

European Leather Works

European Leather Works (ELW) sells professional-quality to the DIY and professional market

Before ELW partnered with Wing, owner Sacha Hason used to run everything himself. He needed to offload several tasks so he has time to think about and execute strategy.

Everything fell on him – FBA administration, order and shipping management, and customer service took hours every day, leaving Sacha no time to have real conversations with his customers. 


Spending literal days and weeks finding a new assistant with the experience I was looking for became a time sink. Wing now automatically substitutes assistants if someone is sick, or even replaces an assistant if it doesn't work out.

Sacha Hason

Founder, ELW Shop

Living Spec

Living Spec is a collaboration platform for product teams.

Before Living Spec started with Wing, co-founder Dylan Schiemann did all his personal tasks himself. Often, that meant those tasks were not done.

This included maintaining his personal network–things like writing emails and connecting with colleagues.


I have more stuff to do than what one person can do, so I just really try to figure out where the person excels and give them more of that.

Dylan Schiemann

Co-Founder, Living Spec

Oceans Ventures

Oceans Ventures is a team of mentors and early-stage investors redefining venture capital funding.

Oceans Ventures is a New York-based venture capital firm founded in 2018.

They manage a small, yet highly efficient team that works in close coordination with each other. There’s hardly any excess resource, and all members share core responsibilities, no matter how tedious or repetitive they are.


[Bipin] takes in specific information that we are looking for-we are very prescriptive about what information we need that helps us make decisions faster and helps us narrow the funnel. Now we know what to pay attention to, and what to quickly ignore.

Sara Barek

Managing Partner, Founding Team Member