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Wing Case Study: European Leather Works

How Wing Enabled European Leather Works to Grow 100%+ in 2021

European Leather Works owner Sacha Hason delegates administrative tasks for his e-commerce store to his Wing Assistants, enabling him to work on his company’s growth strategy and make significant savings on payroll expenses.
Sacha used to handle everything at ELW, from business development to office management. Before starting with Wing, he took care of FBA administration, order reconciliation, shipping management, customer service, and other tedious but critical things.
These labor-intensive tasks took hours every day, which meant he had little time left for strategy or other aspects of the business.
Sacha had also worked with several other remote administrative assistants before partnering with Wing. He found himself constantly hiring, managing, and replacing assistants hired through third-party platforms and was looking for a permanent solution.
European Leather Works
Sacha Hason is the owner of European Leather Works (ELW), which supplies professional-grade, ethically sourced, and all-natural products to leather crafters in Southern California. ELW pre-cuts, scrapes, and produces belts, hides, straps, and lacing.
This family owned and operated business sources their raw materials from tanneries that use humane, environmentally-friendly handling techniques. ELW only sources animal hides from suppliers with free-range livestock and sustainable tanning processes.

Wing–the Only Solution that Worked

Prior to trying out Wing, ELW tried hiring freelance virtual assistants through Upwork and
similar platforms, but had no luck. The hires were difficult to manage and did not deliver on promises. What’s more, Sacha spent more time than he wanted on screening and interviewing.
With Wing, Sacha does not need to worry about hiring and staffing anymore, and he can be sure that his assistants are highly skilled, deliver what is promised, and that they truly are part of the team.

The Solution: Cecilia and Patricia, Specialized Assistants

At present, Sacha has 2 specialized Wing Assistants–Patricia, a graphic designer, and Cecilia, a social media marketer. Patricia, who maintains product listings and does photo/video editing for ELW, is proficient in Adobe Creative Suite tools, Canva, and Sketch Up.
Meanwhile, Cecilia is responsible for daily social posts, email campaigns, promotions, and engagement to the business’ social media profiles. Her experience with platforms like Buffer, Loomly, Klaviyo, WordPress, and Semrush make her a great fit for these responsibilities.
Scalable Delegation
Prior to Patricia and Cecilia, other Wing assistants handled order and shipping, Amazon FBA, and customer service.
It is this scalable delegation that helps Sacha make laser-focused changes and steer his company more effectively.
The best part is, there’s no huge effort for Sacha in terms of changing assistants.
For him, it’s a simple monthly subscription on his company credit card.
Sacha says: “Spending literal days and weeks finding a new assistant with the experience I was looking for became a time sink. Wing now automatically substitutes assistants if someone is sick, or even replaces an assistant if it doesn’t work out.”
As a result of partnering with Wing since 2021, ELW saves $120,000+ per year in payroll, and Sacha gets a 150%+ return on investment on his Wing subscription.
After starting with the first assistant, Sacha was finally able to work on his development strategy.
ELW has grown significantly since partnering with Wing. In 2021, the company grew more than 100% year on year, and Sacha projected the company to grow another 50-70% YoY in 2022.
Wing also enables ELW to leverage scalability. Sacha adds and decreases the number of assistants he hires depending on his needs at the moment.
Sacha is very happy with his Wing Assistants:
“With the top-notch support I get from my dedicated assistants, I can rely on my marketing & social media channels to be grown. At the same time, I can focus on talking to my customers and overall growth.”