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Wing Jobs

We are currently accepting applications for a wide range of virtual assistant positions. 

All positions are remote and can be served from anywhere in the world, except for some positions marked as US-only. 

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What Wing Offers

Here are some of the perks our assistants enjoy.


100% remote jobs

Work from the comfort of your home—or anywhere you feel most productive. Say goodbye to traffic jams and hello to work-life balance.

Attractive compensation and job security

No feast-and-famine cycles here! We recruit for the long term, and our assistants receive above-market salaries.

Performance appraisals and incentives

We want to recognize hard work and talent, so all assistants undergo performance reviews regularly.

Growth opportunities

We invest in our assistants’ growth through comprehensive training programs, leadership opportunities, and mentorship.

Hear from Happy
Wing Assistants

Jeunn Keizer Siguenza
Jeunn Keizer SiguenzaGraphic Designer
Wing did not only recognize my efforts and dedication in contributing to its interest but also helped in my personal growth and gave me a chance to be a leader to better contribute to the system. As an individual with extensive experience with leadership, I am delighted with this. It made me want to do more for the company as it genuinely valued the clients and us, the Virtual Assistants, in our work, passion, and eagerness to grow.
Mae Allen Ale
Mae Allen AleSocial Media Specialist
One thing that I appreciate the most is that WING always delivers the best not only to their clients but also to their employees. WING had set the bar on constant growth and improvement. Their positive energy is very contagious and I thoroughly enjoy working in such a supportive and collaborative environment.
Danielle M.
Danielle M.
I was new to the VA industry so it all felt foreign and I was rather apprehensive. Though, after the first interview and training, it was easy and comfortable to just present myself and the skills I can contribute to the company. Wing AI did not only recognize my abilities within my given field but also helped with personal growth. They recognize one's efforts and dedication as well as creating and culminating a community within the company wherein every VA feels involved, comfortable, and valued.
Katrina A.
Katrina A.
The simulation training allows us to observe the task, and questions and clarifications are addressed and considered. Feedback/advice is clear and well expounded to ensure that trainees have a better understanding of the performance expectations and execution of the role. Wing has forward-thinking, supportive, and exceptional management that appreciates employees.