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Onboarding, briefing, and training your VAs is now easier than ever! We’ve created a new app, Wink, a video recording tool that helps you record onboarding, briefing, and training content for your Wing assistant, and your entire business.



Wink By Wing

Videos recorded via Wink will be automatically stored in the Wink Videos section of your Assistant app. Here’s how to add a Wink video.

We’ve put in loads of amazing features to help you annotate on screen, use pointers, and overlay your camera video if you’d like.

Check the Videos section in the Wing app to see your Wink Video Library.

What is Wink?

Wink is a video recording tool, that can help you record onboarding & training videos for your Wing assistants.

Now Record Videos in 3 easy steps

1. Click on record video button
2. Select the window you want to record
3. Start Recording

See all your recorded videos in the Wing App

Check the Videos section in the Wing app to see your Wink Video Library.


Wing Includes

Unparalleled Features and Facilities

Wing comes with a range of features and facilities that traditional talent agencies, BPOs or freelancing platforms can not match.

Your assistant is dedicated to only your business, they'll learn and improve and get better at your processes over time.

Wing's assistants only work with one client, ensuring your work is prioritized. 

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will help you with onboarding, your assistant's training, and work with you on performance feedback & continuous improvement for your assistant.

Your assistant isn't alone: they're supervised by both Wing's team captains and supervisors. 

Wing also employs sophisticated artificial intelligence technology that flags potential issues ahead of time to our supervisory team, whom work to proactively resolve issues.

In addition, our 24/7 quality management teams employ rigorous quality control procedures to identify quality issues and proactively solve them for you.

If quality is your goal, Wing remains the best choice in this industry. 

Your assistant is connected to Wing's training team and with supervisors who are ready to help them understand new tasks/tools as needed.

Wing also offers an affordable in-app training service that allows clients request focused training programs for their assistants, completely managed by Wing's Training & Development team.

Wing has partnered with several well-known companies that offer great discounts for Wing clients on their various creative, development, financial, sales, and communication products & services. Learn more here.

Manage your team with ease with

The Wing Assistant App

All clients receive access to the Wing Assistant app – a specialized app, perfected using our years of experience managing remote teams, to help: communicate with your assistant, manage tasks/projects, share files, record processes, securely exchange passwords, and lot more. Our apps are available on all major platforms.

Ensure your assistant is on the same page with modern chat capabilities, centered around productivity, and perfected by our years of experience managing remote talent.

In addition, manage your tasks using our built-in kanban board, or switch to a standard to-do list. 

Wing's apps are available on all platforms: Windows, Mac, Web, Chrome, iPhone and Android.

Wink is Wing's free screen recording app to help you record processes and training materials for your assistant (or anyone else!). It's similar to Loom, but without any limits. 

No installation required, just click "Start Recording", and that's it!

Use our in-app training module to enroll your assistant in training courses managed by Wing's in-house Training & Development team

Wing comes with a media library to manage/share files.

Use the Wing's Workflows to define and explain complex, repetitive processes.

Use Wing's Password Manager to safely share access to your apps and tools.

In addition to our standard app, you can integrate Wing with Zapier - allowing Wing to connect its human talent seamlessly with any automated processes & apps you have.

You can also add us to your Slack workspace, and @mention Wing like any other Slack user.


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About Wing Assistant

Wing is changing the way businesses around the world hire virtual assistants.

Wing Assistant is an entirely managed service experience that provides clients with a dedicated assistant, a Customer Success Manager, a surrounding team for support, and an industry-first virtual assistant management software to streamline communication, task management, file sharing and team collaboration.