While we do employ sophisticated AI to improve work quality, every piece of work we do for you is completed and checked by one of our trained human assistants. We strategically employ AI to be able to offer Wing at such a competitive price point.

Wing believes that in the business space, assistants need to be dedicated in order to deliver high quality. Therefore, your Wing assistants are dedicated to your account, and so while 24/7 coverage is available, it’s not our main offering. Wing, by default, is available 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. You choose the 8 hour window, and that window can be anytime, but it must be a “solid” block, i.e. no breaking up the 8 hours.

Speak with us if you’d like to enquire about different coverage options (8/7, 16/5, 16/7, 24/5, 24/7).

Wing assistants are based all over the world – they are typically college-educated, fluent English speakers who have undergone a rigorous vetting process as well as an in-depth training and testing program. All assistants are supervised by talented Operations Managers and have a team that they can rely on for help. Our assistants are compensated at higher-than-market salaries, and incentivized by your happiness!

Wing Assistant is available worldwide! Please note that Wing can only communicate with you and external parties in English. If you require your assistant to be able to communicate in other languages, please reach out to us via our website chat to explore options with our sales team.

Data privacy is central to decisions we make at Wing. We use bank-level security, and best-in-class services to keep your data secure.

  • Payments. Your payment information is stored with Stripe, a leading global payments processing company that powers companies like Google, Amazon, Slack, Zoom and Lyft. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification in the payments industry. All card numbers are encrypted at rest with AES-256-bit encryption keys. In transit, Stripe forces TLS encryption on all data.
  • Payments Made On Your Behalf. Wing has devised a proprietary system that enables us to make payments on your behalf, without ever giving a third party access to your payment information. Wing charges your card on file with Stripe, and generates virtual credit cards to make purchases on your behalf. These cards only live for one transaction.
  • Credentials. Any credentials exchanged with Wing are handled by Google Cloud’s Secret Manager, a best-in-class credential management system, and any data interchanged with Secret Manager are encrypted in transit with TLS, and at rest this data is encrypted with AES-256-bit encryption keys
  • Wing Human Agents. All human agents associated with Wing have signed strict non-disclosure agreements, and data security agreements. Data is only viewed by essential parties, and every human agent that interacts with customer data undergo training & certification on data security best-practices. Access logs and monitoring software are also employed to track human agent conduct.
  • File Uploads. All stored files are stored with a Google Cloud, and access to these files are controlled by public private key encryption. There are only three holders of private keys – the original sender, Wing’s AI systems, and the dedicated team linked to your account



Learn more about how Wing keeps your information secure in this interview with one of our co-founders

Wing imposes a Credit/Debit Card Payment Processing Fee, which is $35 USD per client per month. For clients who use ACH and comparable bank transfer options, this processing fee is waived. Wing levies this processing fee to offset our average cost of clients using a Credit or Debit card to pay for services. As our chargeable amounts are quite large, we must do this in order to continue providing high quality services at the price point that we offer.

Wing is primarily located in San Francisco, though has a global presence with employees across the world. We strive to hire the best people, and are not confined by borders.

Yes! You can use Wing for Business from anywhere in the world, while travelling, or while in your own home. The only limitation here is that Wing, it’s AI systems and it’s trained human assistants, are only able to communicate with you and other third parties in English, though, we will try our best.

Any way you like! We have the following methods available at this time:

  • Web app
  • Mobile app (iOS & Android)
  • Slack app
  • Dedicated phone number (calls & texts)
  • Email (available on request)
  • 1. Have a 10-15 minute meeting with Wing to discuss your business’ needs
  • 2. Get set up on Wing for Business & invite your users
  • 3. Have us start helping! Ask Wing for tips on how to get the most out of Wing.

You can give us an unlimited amount of work, and we will do our best to get it done as soon as possible, however, how fast we get it done depends heavily on the type of work, how long each piece of work in our queue takes, and how much other work (recurring or otherwise) we are working on for your team.

The Basic plan means your work will be done by 1 assistant, while on the Pro plan, you get 2 assistants. The Pro plan is, as a result, able to get more work done faster. Refer to the “Basics” tab to learn more about your assistants.

Each business has its own dedicated team, meaning other clients’ work is never prioritized over yours. Your team’s work is always the highest priority.

We guarantee a reply time of 3 minutes. In this amount of time, we will reply to your request with an update & start working on it. How long the work itself takes, depends on the complexity of the work we are given. Our human assistants undergo weeks of training, are college educated, and are located in California, and around the world. In addition, they are competitively compensated – so you can be sure they will do high quality work for you!

Wing specializes in grey area. Our team have handled tens of thousands requests placed by consumers, with an impressive 98%+ rate of success. We have helped consumers do all sorts of things – from booking private jets and buying homes, to having food delivered internationally overnight. Wing does not often fail, however, when we do – it is typically as a result of factors that are beyond Wing’s control. In these instances, we will typically work with you towards a resolution, or an alternative.

Wing allows business customers to call a dedicated phone number and speak out their request, and hang up. Wing’s assistants do not receive the call, but the audio of your call gets sent to your assistants, and transcribed & interpreted by our artificial intelligence technology.

Outbound Calling refers to Wing making a heavy amount of calls to your customers. On the Basic plan, Wing can still make occasional calls, e.g. to vendors, contractors, etc., however, on the Basic plan there are no assistants trained in speaking to customers, and as such, the service for making calls is highly limited. If your needs feature more regular calling, the Pro plan would be a better fit as we have staff trained in speaking to customers, and oversight for call quality.

Behind Wing is a team of highly trained personal assistants who act as generalists. Our assistants are full-time employees, college-educated, undergo 4-6 weeks of Wing’s custom training program. They then undergo on-the-job training heavily supervised by senior members of Wing’s operations team. They then take on more elective trainings throughout the year. Our assistants are competitively paid, and have a fun & inclusive culture, enabling them to be at their best. Our assistants are chosen for their abilities to creatively problem solve, attention to detail, and communication ability.

Yes. Wing will be able to use any software you use, e.g. Salesforce, Trello, QuickBooks, JIRA, etc.

Wing has excellent Customer Support, available round the clock on both Basic & Pro plans of Wing for Business. Wing guarantees a reply within 1 business day on any support matter, but typically within a few hours. You can contact Wing Support via the Web Portal, or simply ask Wing to relay a concern, question, or item of feedback of yours to Wing Support.

If you are at any time unhappy with the quality of work provided by Wing Assistant, you can simply ask us to redo it – we will!

Wing charges the card you have on file, and then pays for goods & services on your behalf.

Every purchase Wing makes for your organization is stored in the “Receipts” section of Wing for Business’ web portal. This section is only viewable by those with Administrator access. Administrators can view individual receipts, and save the PDFs for tax purposes. There is also an option to export all receipts as a CSV, with links to the individual receipt PDF files. Receipts are billed from a Wing entity as Wing’s secure payments system results in your organization technically paying Wing directly, and then Wing paying out to other organizations on your behalf. Receipts, however, contain descriptive reference information about the purchase, when it was made, and who made it.

No. Wing charges you the exact cost of goods & services, plus a card processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Wing will never make purchases on your card without express consent, unless you have instructed Wing to do otherwise.

No. Wing charges one flat fee per month.

Yes. Wing allows you total control over managing your payment cards, if you have two cards on file, and you would prefer to use one for Wing charges, and another for cost of goods & services, just let Wing know, and we’ll ensure to charge as per your specification going forward.

Wing enables each employee to add their own personal cards to Wing for Business as well, allowing them to use Wing for Business to do things like order lunch, or order other personal items, etc. If the employee explicitly mentions that the charge is personal, or if Wing discerns the charge to be personal in nature, and the user’s permission level is that of a Basic User, it will deny use of any corporate cards for personal purchases.

Please direct your question or concern to your dedicated Customer Success Manager – they will assist you with any billing issue.

Wing will evaluate the type of expected usage from your business after a preliminary call, and draw up a favorable per-user monthly price quote. Set up a call to speak with Wing here.

Yes – if you sign up for a 3-month agreement, we offer a 3% discount on your subscription.


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I felt like I could tackle anything with Wing

"I felt like I could tackle
anything with Wing"

Running my 9 person engineering team was a nightmare before Wing - I used to be in the office dealing with customer support issues and keeping my team informed - but ever since I gave the reins to Wing, my customer support is handled, my employees are informed of what needs to be done - and I can go home by 6pm feeling at ease.