Unlimited Calls, Dedicated Callers
For a Fixed Monthly Price

If you've ever worked with another Sales Calling service,
you know that charging by the minute or the
number of calls eventually work out to be quite expensive.

We don’t do that. Your caller is dedicated to you,
and can make as many calls as possible
every day, throughout the month. You can expect your Wing Caller
to keep improving and close more deals over time.

  • Grow your sales pipeline
  • Take on large-scale outreach projects
  • Never make a sales call again


    Customers are using Wing Outbound Calling

    Bill Collection

    Wing Callers can help you get paid on-time by calling your clients to collect outstanding bills.

    Customer Surveys

    Wing Callers can help you conduct customer experience calls and deploy large-scale surveys.

    B2B Telemarketing

    Wing Callers can sell your products and services directly to business leaders.

    B2B Appointment Booking

    Wing Callers will reach out to decision-makers that meet your ideal client profiles and set up appointments.


    What Wing can do

    Wing Callers can perform sales and marketing activities for your company through Outbound Calls. See it as your own outbound call center, powered by a dedicated human caller who only works for you and utilizes economies of learning to generate more leads and close more deals as your grow.

    Wing Callers are experienced in lead generation, real estate cold calling, cold sales calling, and prefer working closely with clients in a more personal setting, compared to a bulk outbound call center.

    Your Wing Caller will be able to tackle tasks from some of these areas:

    Collect Bills<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_CB" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Collect Bills

    Generate Leads<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_GL" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Generate Leads

    Prospects To Book Meetings<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_PBM" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Prospects To Book Meetings

    Get Trial Users<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_GTU" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Get Trial Users

    B2B Telemarketing<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_B2B" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    B2B Telemarketing

    Conduct Surveys<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_SUR" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Conduct Surveys

    Outbound Contact Center<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_OCC" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Outbound Contact Center

    Raise Funds<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_RFU" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Raise Funds

    Example of

    What Wing is Already Doing for Companies


    Connect with our clientele and invite them to our Downtown Condo presale event.


    Wing contacted 200 of the client’s old customers, and 200 more from a prospect list produced by client and invited them to the presale event. Interested individuals were signed up over phone and contacts forwarded to client.


    Please get back to these patient referrals and ask for their available schedules for follow-up with my medical assistant.


    Wing reached out to each of the patient referrals and logged their preferred date and time for the medical assistant to get back to them for their follow-up check-up. Also forwarded an updated list to the customer.


    Connect Wing Caller
    to Wing Assistant or Receptionist

    If you're a customer of another Wing service, or are interested in adding Wing Assistant or Wing Reception to your Wing Caller plan, the services integrate seamlessly. Any action items you received on one service can be processed by the respective other service.

    • We can take care of to-do's and action items
    • One click set up
    • Completely customizable

    Need Help with Calling Scripts?
    Leverage our Experts

    Wing has former consultants and sales professionals on staff from top
    global consulting firms like McKinsey, SAP, Deloitte, and more - all
    available to help optimize your processes & scripts.

    • Expertise in several industries
    • Advice & guidance from experienced consultants
    • Free sessions for customers


    Wing Works With Everything

    Whether it's Slack, Salesforce, Bitrix24, TalkDesk, LinkedIn, Asana, Trello, Avaya, Zapier,
    or any other call center or telemarketing software, Wing Calling will connect with it


    "Wing Calling has become
    an integral part
    of our sales strategy."

    Wing has developed into an integral part of our sales strategy. Our dedicated Wing Caller has grown with us and has handled a diverse range of campaigns so far - from following up with prospects after conferences and expos to handling day-to-day intro calls and demos. I can confidently recommend Wing Calling to businesses looking to supercharge their sales calling activities.


    All plans come with...

    Customer Success Manager

    You'll have a dedicated Customer
    Success Manager help you with set up, and
    anytime you need any help with Wing

    Full Customization

    Customize everything, from the
    way we speak, to the questions
    we ask, to the processes we follow

    App & Notifications

    Manage Wing & get notifications
    on the go, with our mobile app,
    available on Android and iOS

    Award Winning Support

    Wing's Customer Support is
    available round the clock, and
    usually gets back within minutes

    Full Availability

    Wing Callers are available 8 hours
    a day, 5 days a week. You pick
    pick the window! Learn about coverage

    Loads of Addons!

    If you need Spanish callers, or
    weekend coverage, or multiple callers
    just speak with us! We'll get you what you need

    Ready to Explore Wing?