How Wing Works


1. Schedule an Intro Call

Schedule a 15-minute exploratory call and tell us about your goals and business needs. We'll show you how our free software works, and answer any questions you have about Wing Assistant.


2. Meet Your Success Manager

Meet your Customer Success Manager (CSM) and start delegating your first tasks. Your CSM will not only help you get the ball rolling, they will also support you whenever you contact them!


3. Set Up Your Account

You are welcome to use Wing Assistant's free software that comes with communication features to stay in touch with your assistant, a secure password sharing tool, as well as potentially access for several users, a workflow management tool, and more.


4. Work With Your Assistant

You are ready to leverage your new team member and finally delegate the stuff that's been holding you back and/or take on more projects that you can now comfortably handle with the help of your new Wing Assistant!