A Real Estate Assistant
Who Handles Your Administrative Tasks and More

Your Wing Assistant is dedicated to you, and has been especially
trained to perform tasks to better assist professionals in the
real estate industry.

Let Your Wing Real Estate Assistant help you with paperwork, prospecting,
research, and showings. Your assistant helps you grow and excel in
your business by taking care of time-consuming, essential tasks that
do not require your expertise. Focus your effort on closing more
deals - your Wing Assistant will take care of the rest.

  • Find more qualified leads, faster
  • Less paperwork and administration
  • Focus your time on closing the sale


    Real Estate Professionals are Using Wing Assistant

    Regular Communication and Follow-Ups

    Regularly update & maintain communication with clients, agents, title officers, lenders, etc.

    Real Estate Cold Calling

    Reach out to prospects and introduce real estate opportunities, sign them up over phone and more.

    Preparation of Listing Materials

    Your Wing dedicated assistant can prepare pre-listing presentations, listing agreements, sellers’ disclosures, etc.

    Property Listing

    Wing Virtual Assistant can input all listing information into MLS and marketing websites, and update as needed.

    Managing Inbound Leads

    Your Wing VA can track & coordinate all inbound leads from websites, social media & other online sources.


    What Wing Real Estate Assistant can do

    Your assistant will be able to tackle tasks from some of these areas:

    Coordinate Open House <br>Events<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_COHE" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Coordinate Open House

    Maintain Website, Online Listings<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_WOL" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Maintain Website, Online Listings

    Title, Mortgage, Appraisal Processes<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_TMAP" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Title, Mortgage, Appraisal Processes

    Social Media <br>Management<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_SMM" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Social Media

    Photo Editing<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_PE" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Photo Editing

    Advertising<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_ADS" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>


    CRM Management<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_CRM" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    CRM Management

    Scheduling and Reminders<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_SAR" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Scheduling and Reminders

    Example of

    What Wing is Already Doing for Companies


    I have closed a listing with this buyer. I’ll forward all the completed paperwork so you can draft a Buyer Under Contract agreement.


    Wing loaded all the Buyer Under Contract signed paperwork through Zipform and made sure the checklist is completed on the system. Wing also ran through the agent’s email to verify the necessary dates for the appointments and sent scheduled invites to the required recipients. The agreement is then forwarded to the agent for review.


    I have a property listing that just went live and is good to go for Open House. I need help in having this taken care of in the MLS for the buyer agents.


    Wing proposed the nearest possible date and time for the customer to choose from. After the agreement, Wing added an Open House to the specific MLS listing and had it set to public for the listing to be visible across all real estate online marketplaces.

    Connect Wing Assistant
    to Wing Receptionist or Wing
    Outbound Calling Agent

    If you're a customer of another Wing service, or are interested in adding Wing Outboudn Calling or Wing Reception to your Real Estate Assistant plan, the services integrate seamlessly. Any action items you received on one service can be processed by the respective other service.

    • We can take care of to-do's and action items
    • One click set up
    • Completely customizable

    Need Help with Calling Scripts?
    Leverage our Experts

    Wing has former consultants and sales professionals on staff from top global consulting firms like McKinsey, SAP, Deloitte, and more - all available to help optimize your processes & scripts.

    • Expertise in several industries
    • Advice & guidance from experienced consultants
    • Free sessions for customers


    Wing Works With Everything

    Whether it's Slack, Salesforce, Zoom, LinkedIn, Asana, Trello, MailChimp, Zapier,
    or anything else, Wing can manage, update, and handle it


    "My transactions have been smooth from start to close"

    I have always been looking to find an efficient transaction coordinator who can complete tasks before deadlines and is proactive. With Wing Assistant, I can get to delegate my transaction needs in one go and can even complete them so much ahead of time so there’s room for any revisions on my end. Things have been really awesome!


    All plans come with...

    Customer Success Manager

    You'll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager help you with set up, and anytime you need any help with Wing.

    Loads of Addons!

    If you need a bilingual assistant, weekend coverage, or additional assistants, just speak with us. We'll get you what you need!

    Full Customization

    Customize everything, from the way we operate, to the tools we use, to the processes we follow.

    App & Notifications

    Manage Wing & get notifications on the go, with our mobile app, available on Android and iOS.

    Award Winning Support

    Wing's Customer Support is available round the clock, and usually gets back within minutes.

    Full Availability

    Wing Assistants are available 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. You pick the window!

    Ready to Explore Wing?