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Medical Scribe

Full-Service Healthcare Support
for Medical Professionals & Practices

Wing includes a Dedicated Assistant, a Customer Success Manager, QC supervision, On-demand Training Facilities, a Complimentary Work Management App, and more.

Manage Physician EMR

Enter patient data into the practice’s electronic medical record, ensuring accurate, up-to-date, and complete information

Manage Appointments

Handle consultations & send reminders to patients with upcoming appointments, coordinate rescheduling or cancellations as needed

Healthcare Coordination

Arrange the sending of medical records to different parties as directed by the physician

General Administration

Perform light bookkeeping, inbox management, secondary research, and other time-consuming support tasks

Handle Billing and Coding

Verify & process insurance information, prepare and send invoices or payment claims

Prepare Patient Records

Assist in the preparation of medical record documentation as dictated by the physician & help double-check to ensure they are free from errors & inconsistencies

Physician Correspondence

Draft referrals or endorsements to other physicians as advised

Healthcare Practice Marketing

Create & proofread promotional or informational materials for digital & in-person marketing efforts
"Our Wing scribes are essential to my care team’s success. They offer end-to-end scribe solutions and handle admin tasks as well, letting our physicians focus on their patients. Wing’s presence has greatly improved the efficiency of our team’s workday, and I am grateful for their support."
Charles Garnier, MD
Mercy Health Systems

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What Our Clients Say
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Beth M.
Beth M.President, Biotechnology Company
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“[Wing] helped organize a large amount of research and technical data into a mind map. We [also] have a wing assistant now that performs research, calendaring, and other tasks as directed on a 20-hour/week basis. Another task was to cull through and organize thousands of emails and pull out all the non-business-related emails, and, where applicable, cancel email blasts. The quality of their virtual assistants and their work has been overall impressive.”
Shawn R.
Shawn R.President/CEO, Nursing Services
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“Wing has come to my rescue in so many ways. As a serial entrepreneur, I am more than grateful knowing that when needed, I can place my full trust in my multiple assistants - completely unplug, rest, recover and spend time building as well as personal time with my family. I know that they have me covered, and that is invaluable”
Maria Smith
Maria SmithDMD, Dental Practice
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“My assistant from Wing has absolutely changed my life. She handles my inbox and my appointments, and sends reminders to my patients about their visits. I have two clinics, and I don’t have a secretary, so scheduling and coordinating with patients was a bit tricky in the past. Now, all I need to do is focus on helping patients get better—my assistant takes care of everything else!”
David Jones
David JonesMD, Family Medicine Clinic
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“Wing provides excellent, high-quality service. Advertising my services and record keeping aren’t my strong suits, and hiring specialists for each can be exceedingly costly. Lucky for me, Wing paired me with Val, who is great at both! Having an assistant has taken my practice to a whole other level, and I’m super thankful for that.”
James Peters
James PetersMD, Hospital Physician
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"Hospital work never ends. Luckily my assistant is there to handle the to-do's I couldn't tackle. She takes care of things like preparing referral letters and drafting outreach to colleagues about journal articles. Paperwork like these used to fall through the cracks during busy days. Now I'm on top of it."


Unparalleled Features and Facilities

Wing comes with various features and facilities that traditional talent agencies, BPOs, or freelancing platforms can not match.
Your Wing Medical Assistant works 80 to 160 hours per month and will only handle tasks you or your team assigns.
You'll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you with onboarding, training, and performance feedback.
Wing employs rigorous quality control procedures to identify and proactively solve quality issues for you.

Your assistant is connected to Wing trainers and supervisors who are ready to help them understand new tasks/tools as needed.

Wing also provides an in-app training module that allows clients to request focused training programs for their assistant (managed by Wing) or create/upload their training materials.


Wing Task Management App for Your Team

All Wing clients receive complimentary access to the Wing Task Management tool – a specialized app built to help you communicate with your healthcare assistant, manage tasks/projects, share files, record screen-sharing videos, and much more.
Ensure that your assistant is on the same page with in-app messaging and chat capabilities. Send notes, procedures, and detailed instructions so they can get up to speed in your practice or department’s work processes.
Wink is a screen recording app to help you record processes/training materials for your healthcare assistant (or anyone else). Think of Loom, but without any limits.
Use our in-app training module to enroll your assistant in training courses managed by Wing.
Wing comes with a media library to manage/share files. Use the Workflows feature to define and explain processes. Meanwhile, use the 'Credentials' feature to share access to necessary apps and tools safely.

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