ClearDesk vs Wing: Where Should You Get Your VA?

ClearDesk vs Wing: Where Should You Get Your VA?

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Many business owners get stuck in the trap of doing admin tasks on their own, which can be detrimental to business growth. Studies show that on average, executives spend 16 hours per week on admin–2 full workdays they could have spent on strategy and planning! It’s no wonder hiring VAs has become popular among business leaders. But with the wealth of options available, how do you choose where to hire a VA? For instance, between ClearDesk and Wing, which one is the better choice for hiring a managed virtual assistant? Read on to find out!

All About ClearDesk

ClearDesk was founded in 2020, and its headquarters is in San Diego, CA. Before building a managed service company, ClearDesks’ founders operated other businesses. A persistent pain point for them were high operating costs, especially since they were hiring US-based employees. When they outsourced their operations overseas, they realized how much money it could save them, which led to them founding ClearDesk.

How Does ClearDesk Work?

Finding a virtual assistant on ClearDesk takes several steps. First, the client contacts their team and signs up for an account. The company has a ‘pay as you go’ policy, so clients pay for the service before accessing it. Also, users only have access to hours they pay for.

After signing up for an account, the ClearDesk team will match the client to a virtual assistant that they’ve vetted. This assistant will have also gone through the company’s pre-training process. Then, the client meets and approves their VA. The assistant can start within 48 to 72 hours after the initial meeting and approval of the client.

Why Hire a ClearDesk Virtual Assistant

There are various advantages to hiring a ClearDesk VA. For one, ClearDesk hires college graduates with a minimum of 2 years of work experience. ClearDesk also vets their assistants and handles talent compensation and benefits. Finally, the company offers a flat rate of $20/hr on additional hours for all of their plans and has a 7-day money back guarantee.

About Wing Assistant

Wing was founded in 2018, and it has its headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. The company connects business owners, entrepreneurs, startup founders, and team managers with managed, dedicated assistants from around the world. Wing leverages AI in all aspects of its operations, which enables the company to offer its subscription services at such a competitive price.

Why Hire a Wing Virtual Assistant

Wing’s virtual assistants are managed and dedicated. Although they work for one client only, they don’t do their jobs alone. Instead, they get support from a surrounding team while serving just one client at a time.

What’s more, Wing provides “unlimited” coverage hours, which can be beneficial for businesses and busy executives. “Unlimited” means that clients can assign any number of business tasks to their VAs as long as it’s within the agreed-upon window of 4 (or 8) hours.

Wing vs ClearDesk Virtual Assistant: On Services

ClearDesk’s assistants mostly take on general administrative tasks. The company groups its services into several categories, namely:

  1. Administrative Support
  2. Customer Support
  3. Project Management
  4. Executive Assistance
  5. Sales & Lead Generation
  6. Social Media Management

The company also provides virtual assistants who specialize in real estate, customer service, and legal assistance. ClearDesk assistants use Slack or the client’s preferred communication tools and connect with the clients through phone or video.

Meanwhile, Wing provides 15 types of services. Besides general VAs, personal assistants, and executive assistants, Wing also connects clients with the following administrative professionals:

  1. Sales Callers
  2. Sales Development Representatives
  3. Bilingual Sales Callers
  4. Live Receptionists
  5. Real Estate VAs
  6. Social Media Managers
  7. Graphic Design VAs
  8. US-based assistants
  9. Content Marketing VAs
  10. E-commerce VAs
  11. Digital Marketing VAs
  12. Content Writers

Furthermore, Wing also has a page dedicated to use cases in several industries, such as construction, health & wellness, staffing, consulting, and more, covering everything from routine admin work to specialized processes.

Wing also has an industry-first VA management tool, where clients can communicate with their assistants, share passwords and credentials, provide training/instruction videos or workflows, and upload videos or photos for their VAs’ use.

Wing vs ClearDesk Virtual Assistant: Comparing Pricing

ClearDesk offers two subscription plans. The first one, for full-time general VAs, costs $2,500 per month. For a 6-month commitment, the plan is at $2,250, and a 12-month commitment means paying only $1,950 per month.

The second type of subscription is for a specialized VA, which costs $3,500 to $4,500 per month. The general VA plan gives access to an assistant with a Bachelor’s degree and 2 years of work experience, while the specialized plan provides assistants with Master’s degrees and 5 years of experience.

Wing, meanwhile, has three main subscription plans–Part-Time ($499 per month), Full-Time ($899 per month), and Full-Time 2x ($1,699 per month). The part-time plan includes 1 account, 1 dedicated assistant, and 4 work hours per day, Monday through Friday.

The full-time one also includes 1 account and 1 assistant, but it provides coverage for 8 work hours instead. Finally, Full-Time 2x includes 5 accounts and 2 assistants who each cover 8 work hours (a total of 16 per day).

Looking at the two companies’ rates would show that Wing clearly provides more value for money. ClearDesk charges lower than a company with US-based assistants would, but it still charges a higher rate than Wing and other companies that hire talent from overseas.

It’s worth noting that both companies hire college-educated individuals who speak English. They also put their candidates through rigorous vetting processes and train them before matching them with clients. Wing and ClearDesk also handle compensation and benefits for the VAs–clients don’t need to pay for anything other than their monthly subscription fee.

ClearDesk vs Wing: The Bottom Line

Wing is the better fit for a wider variety of industries. It’s also the better choice if you’re looking to outsource sales, lead generation, marketing, and social media management in particular. Wing’s service offerings, its competitive price point, and its AI-enhanced systems make it the better choice, especially for fast-growing, early-stage companies.

Learn more about Wing and how we can help you do more of what you love–schedule a call with our team today!

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