Industries that Need Outbound Lead Generation Services

Industries that Need Outbound Lead Generation Services

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Whether you’re running a global enterprise or operating a grassroots startup, you need to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. So, it makes sense why 67% of businesses say that lead generation is their sole metric for content success. While the inbound side of this marketing process can effectively bring revenue to a company, outbound lead generation services are what you should consider when you want to take a more proactive approach.

Now, if you don’t have the time to run and measure marketing campaigns, you can offload outbound lead generation tasks to a Wing assistant. You can delegate tedious yet necessary activities like emailing, social selling, data collection, and cold calling to an experienced VA. If you want to learn more about how outbound lead generation services can benefit your business, this article is for you. We will share how this initiative can help companies from various industries boost their sales and gain loyal customers.

Why Get Outbound Lead Generation Services

While building a strong customer base is crucial to a company’s success, it can be challenging to find and secure new clients. It is important to establish trust among leads to ensure that they become loyal customers. If you’re running a small business, you can quickly scale your operations with the right lead generation strategy.

Hiring outbound lead generation services includes working with a specialist who will carefully study your goals. They will develop an approach based on what your potential customers care about. Moreover, they will thoroughly understand your audience. This way, they can efficiently communicate how your business can make the lives of your leads easier.

While lead generation is an effective sales and marketing strategy, we cannot disparage the fact that it is a tedious process. Now, if your goal is to scale your business, you must focus on core operational activities. Thankfully, you can outsource outbound lead generation services and access the skills and knowledge of experts in the field. By offloading certain marketing tasks, you can save money, measure results accurately, and free up your time.

Industries Benefitting from Outbound Lead Generation Services

According to a 2019 ChiefMarketer survey, 57% of B2B marketers struggle to get their targeted leads to engage. So, if you want to get the most out of your campaign budget, you should find the right outbound lead generation services. A DemandGen white paper reported that effectively nurtured leads bring an average of 20% increase in sales opportunities.

If you’re still undecided whether outsourcing outbound lead generation services is for you, take a look at how various industries have benefited from this approach:

Real Estate

Leads in the real estate industries are people who are interested in buying, selling, or renting real properties. If you want to generate those leads, you must find ways to make them aware and interested in your real estate services.

Real estate lead generation traditionally involved techniques like conventional mail delivery, cold calling, referrals, and trade shows. However, with new technology, channels for identifying and generating leads have expanded. Here are some ways an outbound lead generation specialist can help your real estate business:

Finding Potential Homebuyers

Outbound lead generation services involve leveraging psychographic and demographic data to understand buyer preferences, locations, and budget constraints. A specialist will use online platforms and tools to identify specific areas or neighborhoods with high housing demand. Moreover, they will develop a marketing strategy that will resonate with the desires and needs of your audience. Usually, this technique involves targeted advertisements and social media campaigns.

Identifying Homeowners Interested in Selling

An outbound lead generation specialist can take proactive measures to identify property owners who are interested in selling. They can monitor local listings and use customer relationship management (CRM) systems to track and manage leads. Moreover, they can engage with the homeowners directly.

IT and Software

Generating outbound sales leads in the IT and software industry also involves emailing and cold calling. A specialist can guide your prospects through the process until a purchase or subscription has been secured. When hiring a remote lead generation assistant, you can expect them to perform the following:

Offering Personalized Software Demos

After securing qualified leads, an outbound lead generation specialist will work on converting them into customers. Usually, the first step involves scheduling a meeting to offer a demo of the service or software product.

Your outbound lead generation assistant will customize the demo according to the specific needs and budget of every lead. Of course, they’ll use previously gathered information about the qualified lead to ensure an effective approach. This way, there would be lower chances of objections and a higher possibility of closing a deal.

Promoting IT-Related Webinars, Workshops, or Conferences

A content marketing assistant can also organize a software showcase that will allow you to demonstrate your products and services. This digital event can also be an opportunity to generate leads because attendees will submit their contact information or fill out forms. It is an excellent networking opportunity to develop brand awareness and build new relationships.


Like many industries, the healthcare sector was heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, one positive thing that came from this situation is how remote appointments created a boom in outbound telemarketing services. Here are some ways the healthcare industry can benefit from hiring a remote lead generation specialist:

Appointment Scheduling for Medical Practices

Prospecting is a crucial aspect of setting appointments and generating qualified leads for medical practices. A healthcare virtual assistant can create opportunities for your team by setting appointments with decision-makers who are essential in driving revenue. By generating a consistent flow of qualified leads, your sales team can focus on closing deals.

Health Screenings and Campaigns

Organizing a healthcare campaign is not enough to secure customers for your medical practice. You also need to promote the program. An outbound lead generation specialist will use strategies like emails, phone calls, and direct mail to inform people about health screenings. Moreover, by providing details about the importance of preventive healthcare, they can encourage individuals to participate. Consequently, they will generate qualified leads for your medical practice.

Financial Services

Any small business owner will agree that generating leads in the financial industry can be challenging. Moreover, there’s always a pressure to quickly and exponentially grow their client base. However, the process can be easier when you hire outbound lead generation services. Here’s how:

Targeting Individuals or Businesses Seeking Wealth Management Services

You can work with a content marketing assistant to develop a targeted outreach program. Through this strategy, you can reach leads who are interested in financial planning. Some techniques they can use include running email campaigns and cold calling. They can help you build rapport and a foundation of trust through direct communication.

Putting Together and Promoting Investment Seminars or Workshops

Your lead generation assistant can also prepare your presentations and other materials for investment seminars or workshops. This way, you can have a channel for showcasing your knowledge and expertise in wealth management. Moreover, they will reach out to your target audience to promote your upcoming event. After the seminar, your virtual assistant will follow up on your leads. Consequently, you’ll have a higher chance of converting leads into customers.


In the e-commerce industry, leads are users who show interest in your service or product by taking specific actions. They can click your ad, follow your brand on social media, or provide their details to take advantage of an offer. Of course, these processes can eat up so much of your time. On the other hand, an outsourced lead generation specialist can help you in the following areas:

Targeted Email Marketing for Resellers of a Store’s Products

According to a McKinsey survey, resellers make up around 85% of certain e-commerce markets. So, if you’re not launching a targeted email marketing campaign, you’re missing out on a great sales opportunity. Thankfully, hiring an outbound lead generation specialist can help you in this area. They can send targeted emails to keep you in touch with these resellers and encourage them to make a purchase.

Launching a New Product and Offering Discounts or Incentives to Pre-Order

When you’re launching a new product, offering pre-order incentives or discounts is a foolproof method to generate leads. Your remote marketing assistant can craft engaging email campaigns and promote the event on social media platforms. If you have the budget, your VA can also reach out to relevant bloggers or influencers and ask them to promote your offers.

Education and EdTech

According to Research and Markets statistics, the global EdTech market is estimated to reach a $605 million value by 2027. Indeed, more and more institutions are becoming interested in using technology in teaching learners. Now, outbound lead generation services can help you reach educators and organizations who are interested in EdTech products. Here are some of the benefits that your marketing assistant can offer to your leads:

Boosting Student Enrollment for Educational Institutions

A McGraw-Hill study revealed that 80% of college students find EdTech helpful in improving their grades. Of course, educational institutions that offer tech-enabled solutions will attract more learners. Your outbound lead generation specialist can use email marketing campaigns and cold calling to explain this benefit to your organizations and educators.

Promoting Educational Webinars or Workshops

One way to generate leads in the education industry is by organizing workshops and webinars. These events are highly interactive, allowing participants and organizers to mingle. Consequently, you can increase the interest of prospective EdTech buyers. Of course, your outbound lead generation specialist can bring in attendees by promoting your workshops or webinars on social media platforms and email marketing campaigns.

Hospitality and Travel

According to the U.S. Travel Association, leisure trips are expected to increase to 2.06 billion by 2026. So, if you’re in the hospitality and travel industry, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to generate leads. Hiring outbound lead generation services help you in the following:

Targeting Potential Travelers Interested in Specific Destinations

Your remote marketing assistant will perform audience segmentation to identify and reach out to individuals with particular interests in traveling. They can also run campaigns on social media platforms and engage with your target audience. Moreover, they can send personalized emails to directly connect with qualified leads.

Promoting Vacation Packages, Cruises, or Travel Experiences

Travel packages will be enticing to those who are interested in certain destinations and experiences. So, you’ll need a lead generation specialist who can customize recommendations based on personal preferences. They will review past travel history and interactions with your brand. This way, you’ll have higher chances of converting leads into sales.

Benefits of Remote Lead Generation Services

If you’re seeking to improve your lead generation results, outsourcing the task can be a strategic move. Instead of taking the activity on yourself, you can offload it and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cost efficiency – If you want to cut costs, hiring and training an in-house team is not the best option. Meanwhile, taking advantage of remote lead generation services lets you avoid infrastructure expenses, fringe monetary benefits, and other costs related to managing a dedicated team.
  • Scalability – One of the benefits of outsourcing is that you can scale the outbound lead generation services based on your needs and budgets. So, as your business grows, you can also become more aggressive in your marketing efforts.
  • Access to expertise – Outsourcing also allows you to access the skills and experience of a lead generation specialist. You can benefit from strategies that have been proven to drive results.

Instead of spending your time and resources on cold calling and prospecting, you can offload the marketing tasks to a lead generation specialist. Consequently, your in-house team can focus on core business activities.

Get Top-Notch Outbound Lead Generation Services from Wing

Outbound lead generation services can drive sales to various industries, including the real estate, healthcare, IT, e-commerce, EdTech, and hospitality sectors. By outsourcing these marketing tasks, you can cut operational costs and easily scale your business while boosting sales. Besides, when you hire a Wing marketing assistant, you can ensure their skills and experience in generating leads. After all, we have a rigorous vetting process that allows us to match the right person for our client’s specific needs.

Schedule an appointment today to discover how Wing’s lead generation specialist can help you grow your business!

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