MyOutDesk vs Wing Assistant: Which Provider Is Best?

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Today, many businesses are exploring ways to offload menial but crucial tasks that take up a lot of time. According to Statista, the global market size of outsourced services was valued at $92.5 billion in 2019, and it is projected to increase in the next years. And with the advent of all the different types of virtual assistant providers, you have to wonder which one is best for your business. When choosing between MyOutDesk vs Wing Assistant, for example, you have plenty to consider.

By using Wing Assistant, you can get the services of a professional remote worker who will take care of all your routine tasks for you. This includes scheduling appointments, gathering data and leads, managing the company expenses, and more. Free up your time with a dedicated VA so that you can focus on other things. However, the same could be said for MyOutDesk. They provide virtual assistants who handle a range of tasks.

When comparing MyOutDesk vs Wing Assistant, you’ll see they both have great reviews from clients. But how do they really stack up against each other? Let’s find out!

All about MyOutDesk

MyOutDesk is a great virtual assistant provider that is based in the United States, though they also have an office in the Philippines. They have a proven track record of delivering high-quality service since the company was founded in 2008. This makes them one of the oldest and most established virtual assistant providers in the industry.

This company has received great reviews from both their customers and reviewers. But what exactly can they offer you? And do their services have any glaring blind spots? Let’s take a look.

How does the service work?

MyOutDesk provides a complete virtual assistant solution for businesses and individuals. Many of their staff consist of Filipinos. Even so, you won’t have to worry about fluency. Their VAs are trained and vetted rigorously. Extensive background checks are mandatory, and their selection process is quite complex; a testament to the standards that MyOutDesk holds their employees to.

They also provide support throughout the onboarding process. Once you’ve been matched with the right virtual assistant for your business, they have a Land Coach that will assist you and your new hire for 90 days. This is meant to help your new hire adapt to their new environment, as well as cultivate a strong relationship with you.

In regards to their pricing, MyOutDesk offers a flat rate of $1,988 per month, per assistant. They do not provide information on the number of hours their assistants will work per month, or the number of tasks they can complete.

What are MyOutDesk’s services?

In terms of services, MyOutDesk vs Wing Assistant seems to be a close fight on the surface. According to their Services page, MyOutDesk offers four types of virtual assistants: Marketing, Administrative, Real Estate and Sales, as well as Service and Support.

Though they offer their services to businesses of all sorts of industries, it seems that they pay special attention to the niche of real estate and sales VA. Still, they offer both trained General Virtual Assistants (GVAs) and Inside Sales Assistants (ISAs). So, what can these VAs do for you?

Well, GVAs are trained to provide support of many kinds. They can help with scheduling, taking notes, writing emails, scheduling appointments, and much more. They can handle administrative work either for your entire company or department, or focus on aiding you as a personal or executive assistant.

ISAs are trained to assist with any real estate or sales related tasks. This can include creating listings, finding leads, prospecting, cold calling and more.

Why would business leaders choose MyOutDesk?

Well, as one of the longest-running virtual assistant providers in the industry, they have a strong reputation for delivering quality service. This can be seen in the many positive reviews they have received over the years. And even though their focus is on the sales and real estate fields, they are still able to provide a wide range of services for clients.

Moreover, as mentioned before, their staff are carefully screened, so you can be sure that they are trustworthy. MyOutDesk also provides their clients with time tracking and productivity software. This software can help you monitor your VAs’ productivity and provide feedback on how they are doing. That way, you can ensure that your VA’s workflow is optimized.

Drawbacks of hiring MyOutDesk

One of their biggest downsides is that their plans are quite pricey. Furthermore, although they provide a list of inclusions to their pricing, they don’t specify how many hours a month their assistants can work for clients. There’s also no option for those of you who prefer hourly or daily rates. If, on certain days, you don’t have much work to offload to your new hire, you may end up having to pay for empty hours.

Finally, MyOutDesk’s history suggests that they put most of their focus in the real estate industry. Thus, if you have a different type of business, then you may be better off choosing another provider, like Wing Assistant.

All about Wing Assistant

Wing Assistant is a very young virtual assistant provider that has only been around since the year 2018. Their business is based in San Francisco, however they offer their services to clients all over the world, including those who are mobile.

This company provides VAs that are capable of helping you with any tasks. They can help with data entry, creating B2B leads, CRM management, scheduling and invoicing, bookkeeping, and much more. They also offer different packages and plans to suit your needs. Compared to MyOutDesk, their pricing allows for much in the way of flexibility and affordability.

Though they’re relatively younger than MyOutDesk, they have received much positive feedback from customers who are impressed with their responsiveness and flexibility. Their main goal is to help these clients work smarter, rather than harder. So, how exactly can Wing Assistant help you?

How much does it cost to hire a Wing Assistant?

Wing Assistant offers a wide range of pricing options. There are three different types of plans: the Part-Time plan for $599/month, the Full-Time plan for $999/month, and the Full-Time 2X plan for $1,699/month.

The Part-Time plan provides you a dedicated VA that is available for 4 hours for each weekday for one user account. Their times are flexible, which means you get to decide when you need them. If you need someone to be on-call for a longer workday period, try their Full-Time plan for up to three users, which is reported to be the most favored option by clients. With this plan, a VA will work for 8 hours per weekday. Starting from the Full-Time plan, you can also automate customized workflows via an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. Your VA will then work task-by-task.

Need even more coverage? The Full-Time 2X plan includes five user accounts and two dedicated assistants as opposed to one. With a 3-minute response time, this plan is ideal for clients who need a lot of support and flexibility. As a whole, Wing Assistant is an excellent choice for people who have many tasks they want to offload.

What Does Wing Assistant’s “unlimited” coverage mean?

Wing Assistant offers their clients an unlimited amount of hours, including having a VA on-call 24/7. However, they believe in quality over quantity, and their main offer includes VAs that are available for 8 hours a day. Their unlimited coverage means that you get complete freedom when you need your VA to work. Keep in mind that this 8-hour period (or 4-hour, if you’re using the Limited plan) is available in a single window of time. This means you can’t break down their shift into smaller chunks.

One of the best things about Wing Assistant is that they’re available worldwide. Even if you’re on a trip abroad, for example, you can still have your VA take care of your tasks. In addition, you can use their services alongside many popular work management software, such as Slack, Trello, and Asana.

And if you’re worried about how much support your VA will have, you don’t need to. There are Operations Managers that can help them overcome any roadblocks they find.

Why would business leaders hire Wing?

Wing Assistant is a young and fresh virtual assistant provider that is making waves in the industry. They have an excellent reputation for providing quality service, and they have great reviews from clients. When it comes to MyOutDesk vs Wing Assistant, those looking for customizability and flexibility are better off choosing the latter.

Business leaders who are looking for a provider that can provide unlimited hours of coverage will want to take a look at Wing Assistant. As their services are also available worldwide, they’re a great fit for execs who are used to traveling overseas. Finally, their automated workflows mean you don’t need to worry about missing a deadline or losing track of important targets.

MyOutDesk vs Wing Assistant: comparing their services

When you compare the age of MyOutDesk vs Wing Assistant, the former wins. MyOutDesk is older, so they have a proven track record of delivering quality service. And while Wing Assistant is newer to the industry, they have received many positive reviews from clients. Plus, they have many flexible plans and options for customers. While they provide similar services under the general umbrella of virtual assistants, they each have their strong points.

As mentioned before, MyOutDesk offers VAs in the following categories:

  • Real estate ISAs
  • Administrative VAs
  • Marketing VAs
  • Personal and executive VAs

Still, it’s worth noting that MyOutDesk prioritizes the real estate industry over others. If your business dabbles in that area, then they may be a good fit for you. If not, you may want to consider Wing Assistant.

Their services cover both generalized assistants and specialized assistants. Generalized assistants can do anything from scheduling appointments to generating leads. Specialized assistants, on the other hand, are trained to handle tasks that require specific knowledge. This includes:

  • Social media VAs
  • Real estate VAs
  • Sales and e-commerce VAs
  • Virtual receptionists

MyOutDesk vs Wing Assistant: comparing their pricing

Another worthy comparison between MyOutDesk vs Wing Assistant is their pricing. Both providers offer flexible plans, but Wing Assistant has the most affordable pricing options. They also have a trial period of 7 days, which is great for those who want to test out their services before committing to a long-term contract.

A major downside to MyOutDesk is that you have to commit to either an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly plan. This is a little more complicated than Wing Assistant, in which you can choose either a monthly or quarterly.

Furthermore, it is unclear how MyOutDesk settles their VA’s work hours. If your business runs on tight workflows, this may be fine. But without careful planning on your part, you’ll have to pay full price even if your new hire isn’t doing much work. With Wing Assistant’s task queue, however, you can be sure that your new hire will be working on the tasks you’ve selected. And you can give them any tasks you want!

MyOutDesk vs Wing Assistant – Wrapping Up

When comparing MyOutDesk vs Wing Assistant, it’s important to understand that these are two very different companies. While both companies have proven their ability to provide excellent service, there are many differences between them.

MyOutDesk has more years under their belt, and have proven themselves to be a top choice for a virtual assistant provider. They have extended their services to over 6,000 corporate brands, and have over 800 5-star business reviews that have been verified. If you’re someone who values reliability and a quick onboarding process, MyOutDesk may be a good choice.

In regards to pricing between Wing Assistant vs MyOutDesk, the former is the clear winner. They offer dedicated VAs for as low as $499/month, whereas with MyOutDesk, you’d need to commit to a 3-month plan of $1,788/month.

MyOutDesk vs Wing Assistant – Which one to choose?

You should also consider how much flexibility you need. As mentioned before, MyOutDesk only serves businesses based in Canada and the US. This is a clear disadvantage for those who need to be mobile while working. Those who are based outside of the two countries are also incapable of using their services at all. On the other hand, Wing Assistant is a global company, so they can provide you with coverage from anywhere, at any time.

Get in touch with us today and let’s talk about how Wing Assistant can grow your business!

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