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Feb 07, 2024


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World Economic Forum releases Global Risks 2024 report

World Economic Forum releases Global Risks 2024 report

CEOs are keen on keeping workplaces hybrid

Job openings in the US rise unexpectedly in December


This month’s newsletter is opening with World Economic Forum’s yearly doomsday report. Discover all the new ways we’re Scr***d this year.

Global leaders attend meeting for
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Hey there,

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Wing Newsletter! As we kick off this edition, we dive straight into the latest insights from the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks 2024 report, shedding light on a somewhat sobering outlook for the near future.

From the looming risks of AI to rising conflicts in the middle east. Experts share a cautious outlook on crises both at home and abroad.  The increasing cost-of-living will also have the Fed will struggle to cut interest rates ( a recurring topic that we see time and again in the coming months).

Despite the gloomy forecast, we’re here to keep you informed and engaged with a mix of updates, analysis, and a dash of optimism. So, buckle up for an informative ride through the latest happenings and potential challenges on the global stage!

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CEOs love hybrid work but…


Moving on from global doomsday predictions, let’s focus on something that’s a bit closer to home – Working from home.

The NBER released a new report that details that working from home may be costing you a promotion or raise in pay. Yikes! According to the NBER, more one-on-one face time with your managers can help you get that promotion quicker than your colleagues who are working fully remote. But not all is doom & gloom, showing up to work at least 3 days a week can bring you back in the race.

Stay informed on remote work

Ready to make a comeback to the office?

Before you start packing your laptops, and get ready to commute, you can leave a sigh of relief as your boss might not be as keen to get you back to office as they were a month ago. In a recent survey by the Conference Board, Just 6 out of 158 US CEOs said they will prioritise bringing workers back to the office full-time in 2024.


And if that’s not reassuring enough, a separate survey conducted by Deloitte in November revealed that a whopping 65% of chief financial officers anticipate their companies offering a hybrid work arrangement this year. So, while the office isn’t entirely out of the picture, it looks like flexibility is becoming the name of the norm at work!

Improving labor market no cause for celebrations warns experts.

The US Job market saw an increase in job openings last December, signalling a shift towards a stronger labor market and economy. Approximately 101,000 jobs remain ups for grabs, which would be great, if the fed wasn’t trying to reduce interest rates at some point within this year. 


“Persistent demand for workers, while positive for continued economic growth, may throw a wrench into efforts to cool inflation early in 2024,” said Ben Ayers, senior economist at Nationwide in Ohio.

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In a recent interview with 60 minutes, the big man down at the Feds, Jerome Powell is positive that we might be able to increase interest rates as soon as the end of the year. Given the robust state of the economy, Powell insists on more patience from everyone and keep their eyes set on reducing inflation below the targeted 2% rate.

Now, that’s a wrap for our first ever newsletter from Wing Assistant. Stay tuned every month for quick recaps of last month’s latest and greatest, the most happening in the world of work, and productivity.

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