Should You Get an OkayRelax Virtual Assistant or a Wing Assistant?

Should You Get an OkayRelax Virtual Assistant or a Wing Assistant?

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Finding the best virtual assistant for your team can be daunting. But it’s easier if you do a bit of research. One thing you can do is check out different managed VA companies and evaluate their services and pricing against each other. In this article, we take a closer look at whether an OkayRelax virtual assistant or a Wing assistant is the better option for a business.

What is OkayRelax?

OkayRelax is a virtual assistant company that helps businesses with tasks that they don’t have time for. An OkayRelax virtual assistant will take care of the little things so clients can focus on what’s important. The company was founded in 2016 by an entrepreneur who has made it his mission to offer cost-effective VA services for busy individuals. The company has a presence in Tampa, Manila, Mumbai, and Karachi.

What is Wing Assistant?

Wing is a managed B2B service provider connecting entrepreneurs and executives with vetted, dedicated remote talent. Wing Assistants can be general VAs, who handle recurring admin tasks, or specialized VAs, who are experts in one industry (e.g. sales, real estate, etc). Wing was founded in 2018, and its headquarters is in Irvine, CA. Wing employees and VAs come from around the world—the company has a presence in Latin America, the Philippines, India, Hong Kong, Canada, and more.

How Do You Hire an OkayRelax Virtual Assistant?

There are a few steps in hiring your OkayRelax virtual assistant. First, you’ll want to select which plan you’d like to subscribe to—Relief, Comfort, or Relaxed.

Once you’ve subscribed, the OkayRelax team will match you with the best assistant for you. At this stage, you’ll also get access to your dashboard, where you’ll receive updates on tasks.

Speaking of tasks, once you have access to the dashboard, you can use it to let your assistant know what you want them to work on. You can also send task details through text or email.

How Do You Hire a Wing Assistant?

It’s equally easy to hire a virtual assistant through Wing.

  1. First, the client schedules a 15-minute call and tells Wing about their goals and their needs. They can also ask anything they’d like to know about how Wing works during this call.
  2. Then, the client meets their Customer Success Manager (CSM), who supports them and acts as their point person for all things Wing. They’ll also update clients on when their assistant will become available.
  3. After meeting their CSM, the client can set up an account using Wing’s complimentary software. This tool lets you stay in touch with your VA, share images and other media, create workflows, and much more.
  4. After a few days, you’ll be ready to work with your VA and delegate stuff that you’ve been meaning to hand off to someone, enabling you to focus on work that truly matters to you!

You don’t need to worry about contracts, payroll, recruitment, and all the other employee admin tasks that come with onboarding a new assistant. With Wing, all you need to do is tell us what type of VA you need, and we’ll find the best fit in no time.

Tasks an OkayRelax Virtual Assistant Helps With

All of OkayRelax’s pre-made plans cover what they call baseline needs, like research tasks, phone call tasks, and scheduling tasks.

Besides these, OkayRelax VAs can also provide support in the following:

  • General research – looking up topics, products, services, service providers, vendors, suppliers, places, and activities
  • Schedule management – calendar management, scheduling appointments, bookings, and reservations, and calendar integrations
  • Job hunting – applying for jobs, creating a resume, and finding jobs fitting specifications
  • Travel planning – preparing an itinerary, finding flight and hotel deals, processing car rentals, booking flights, hotels, and activities, and following up on reservations
  • Social media management – creating content and scheduling posts
  • Inbox management – decluttering inboxes, setting up labels, setting up email forwarding address/es or aliases
  • Documentation – formatting, templating, researching, and proofreading reports
  • Help with gifts – researching and ordering presents

None of these things seem particularly geared towards business owners or managers. OkayRelax positions itself as a company that helps all sorts of busy individuals, which includes stay-at-home spouses, students, and content creators.

Tasks a Wing Virtual Assistant Helps With

Meanwhile, Wing focuses on business tasks and processes. That said, its VAs can also assist clients with personal errands.

Wing’s virtual assistants are either general VAs (GVA) or specialized VAs (SVA). Clients who hire a GVA usually need to offload admin tasks like scheduling meetings and receiving calls. Meanwhile, those who hire SVAs have more specific needs.

Wing’s specialized VAs will be able to handle simple, recurring tasks or business processes for their area of expertise. For example, a real estate VA would know how to appraise properties by researching nearby schools or businesses, identifying home utility providers in the area, calculating ARV, and checking curb appeal through Google Street View.

Here is a list of the types of specialized VAs that Wing provides:

  • Sales Development Representatives
  • Executive Virtual Assistants
  • Personal Assistants
  • US-based VAs
  • Sales Caller VAs
  • E-commerce VAs
  • Real Estate VAs
  • Content Marketing VAs
  • Content Writing VAs
  • Graphic Design VAs
  • Social Media VAs
  • Bilingual Sales Callers
  • Virtual Receptionists

You can visit Wing’s service pages for these specialized assistants to learn more, or check out the Use Case page to see how Wing VAs have helped clients in different industries.

Who is the Ideal Client for an OkayRelax Virtual Assistant?

OkayRelax touts its services as “made for everyone.” From entrepreneurs to moms, bloggers to families, and even students, they claim to help all types of busy people. Based on the services they offer, it looks like OkayRelax caters to individuals and companies that require general help.

Who is the Ideal Client for a Wing Assistant?

In comparison, Wing focuses on helping busy executives and teams with recurring business tasks. Its specialized VAs handle areas like e-commerce, real estate, marketing, and sales. Nevertheless, the company offers personal assistant services for personal to-do’s. Business owners and startups with a lot of recurring tasks are also ideal clients for Wing.

Wing vs OkayRelax Virtual Assistant: Services

Wing and OkayRelax offer slightly overlapping services, but they have considerable differences. OkayRelax’s use cases focus on tasks that individuals or families would need. Meanwhile, Wing has more specialized use cases for a range of industries. Wing VAs have helped clients in health and wellness, investment and consulting, staffing, and more.

OkayRelax focuses on simple tasks and delegation. If you look at its lowest-priced tier, Relief, you’ll see that it includes the following:

  • Research tasks
  • Phone call tasks
  • Scheduling tasks

Meanwhile, Wing offers unlimited task completion within the daily 4- or 8-hour window the client chooses. Keep in mind that Wing defines “unlimited” in terms of the VA’s capacity. As long as the VA can complete it within the time frame, they will.

Note that both companies have in-house software for clients to easily connect with their VAs. However, OkayRelax provides little information about their tool. In comparison, Wing talks extensively about its tool’s features. The company even releases blogs about software updates on its Medium page.

Finally, Wing VAs benefit from having a support system helping them do their best work. Wing Assistants have team leaders and supervisors doing quality assurance on their output. VAs at Wing may also consult fellow VAs and receive feedback from CSMs on their performance.

Wing vs OkayRelax Virtual Assistant: Pricing

OkayRelax used to have a task credit system, where 1 task credit equals 30 minutes of work. Today, they have three pricing tiers, each with an option for an annual subscription. The first tier, Relief, costs $29.95 monthly and gives access to a VA 3 hours a month.

OkayRelax also has other pricing tiers: Comfort ($99.95 per month for 10 work hours) and Relaxed ($199.95 per month for 20 work hours).

It’s also worth reiterating that OkayRelax’s use cases revolve around recurring admin tasks, which a VA might reasonably complete within 2 and a half hours per day. Even with Relaxed, with its 20 work hours per month, an OkayRelax client would only get 1 hour of support per day at most. That said, it is certainly not a hard and fast rule. Some VAs might take longer or shorter than 2 hours to complete a task, for one reason or another.

Wing’s pricing tiers are more straightforward. The Part-Time plan for general VAs costs $599 and provides coverage for 80 work hours or 4 hours per day. Meanwhile, the Full-Time plan costs $999 and covers 160 work hours (8 hours per day), and the Full-Time 2X plan costs $1,699 (gives access to 2 VAs, which means approx. 320 work hours per month).

Wing vs OkayRelax Virtual Assistant: The Bottom Line

When choosing a managed VA company, you must evaluate your choices before committing. It’s because while the right virtual assistant is a game changer for your business, the wrong one can hinder your progress and even slow down your growth.

OkayRelax and Wing are two solid choices for managed virtual assistant providers. If you’re looking to offload personal tasks or need coverage for 50 work hours or fewer, OkayRelax is a great option. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to outsource business tasks or need more than 50 work hours per month, Wing is a better choice.

Get in touch with Wing today to learn more!

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