An Assistant Skilled in Content Creation and Community Management

Your Wing Social assistant is dedicated to you and is skilled in
performing tasks that form an engaged audience around your business.

Put your brand on the map - your assistant can work on essential
social media tasks like setting up a profile to community management.
Focus on running your company, and let your Wing Social assistant
tell the world about what you do.

  • Form a community around your brand
  • Offload paperwork and administration
  • Focus on mission-critical tasks


    Businesses Use Wing Social

    Creating Content Calendars

    Your Wing Social Assistant can prepare and maintain a content calendar integrating all your pages.

    Driving Conversations

    Your Assistant can participate in groups and forums, schedule and manage live events, build a network.

    Moderating Groups and Pages

    Your assistant can manage communities/pages/groups, moderate posts and engage with your audience.

    Creating Content

    Wing Social Assistants can design graphics, write captions, and schedule updates across multiple social platforms.

    Produce Reports

    Your assistant can gather data from different platforms and produce reports and insights as required.


    How Social Media Marketers Use Wing Assistant

    Your assistant will be able to tackle tasks from some of these areas:

    Content Calendar<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_CCAL" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Content Calendar

    Basic Graphic Design<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_BGD" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Basic Graphic Design

    Community Management<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_CMAN" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Community Management

    Content Creation<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_CCRE" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Content Creation

    Audience Research<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_ARE" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Audience Research

    Content Strategy<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_CS" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Content Strategy

    Events & Reminders<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_ER" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Events & Reminders

    Posting Content<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_PC" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Posting Content

    Examples of

    What Wing is Already Doing for Companies


    Wing, make content for the Facebook page highlighting our latest services.


    Wing created social posts and updates for the company’s social media page, including graphics and captions. Wing also created and maintained a content calendar for these posts, scheduling each to ensure that the page stays active.


    Wing, schedule a series of online events to promote our live chat sessions.


    Wing scheduled FB live events and coaching sessions promoting the company’s remote health services, incorporating these events in the content calendar created for the business.


    Wing Social: Dedicated Social Media Management Tool

    All Social Media clients receive complimentary access to our Wing Social tool - a specialised app built to help you communicate with your assistant, collaborate on new content, review and schedule new posts, and receive updates from communities you follow or manage, all in one place.


    Content Calendar/Planner

    The Wing Social app offers a content planner showing everything from posts in progress or pending approval to ones already scheduled or published. You can toggle between list and calendar views, see previous months’ planners, and apply filters for viewing posts

    Create new posts, see how your posts relate with each other, manage your content library, and view conversations about your brand - all in one place!

    Dedicated Chat System

    Ensure that your assistant is on the same page with in- app messaging and chat capabilities. You can send notes, procedures, and detailed instructions so they can achieve what you envision for your brand.

    Save important messages, share access with other assistants, invite new users to participate in discussions.

    chat system
    media library

    Media Library

    Have a single repository for all your marketing collateral - our app’s content library lets you upload images, videos, and infographics for your assistant’s use. This way, you can ensure brand consistency across platforms!


    Wing Works With Everything

    Wherever your audience are, or whatever tools you use
    Wing Social Media Assistant connects with it


    "I am not a Social Expert, but my Wing SMA is"

    One of the biggest challenges for small business owners is striking a balance between running operations and maintaining a strong social media presence. With Wing, I don’t have to worry about the latter - I can focus on retaining customers while my Wing Social assistant works on attracting new ones!


    All plans come with...

    Customer Success Manager

    You'll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager help you with set up, and anytime you need any help with Wing.

    Loads of Addons!

    If you need a bilingual assistant, weekend coverage, or additional assistants, just speak with us. We'll get you what you need!

    Full Customization

    Customize everything, from the way we operate, to the tools we use, to the processes we follow.

    App & Notifications

    Manage Wing & get notifications on the go, with our mobile app, available on Android and iOS.

    Award Winning Support

    Wing's Customer Support is available round the clock, and usually gets back within minutes.

    Full Availability

    Wing Assistants are available 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. You pick the window!

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