Gain a Competitive Edge with Superior Data Security and Privacy cover

Gain a Competitive Edge with Superior Data Security and Privacy

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Data security and privacy measures make or break businesses online. They aren’t just regulatory requirements–they signal a company’s trustworthiness to its customers, giving it a competitive edge.

At Wing, we pride ourselves on providing outsourced talent trained in delivering secure services. When you team up with us, you don't have to worry about data breaches due to the talent you hire.

How Data Security and Privacy Protocols Affect Customer Loyalty

Today, customers know a great deal about data privacy. They're concerned about the wrong people getting their hands on personal information. Anyone who willingly submits information online would want their personal data protected and kept away from bad actors. So, if businesses don’t prioritize privacy, it will immediately suffer a loss of trust. This fallout could lead to customer churn and damage the company’s reputation.

But when customers know that a business protects their data, they’ll likely return and even recommend its services. Trust translates to more loyalty, which is central to long-term success. You can bet we prioritize customer trust at Wing–we implement security protocols that ensure the safety of our clients’ (and their customers’) data.

Wing secures data in transit using SSL encryption with 2048-bit certificates. In other words, your data is safe from third parties. They won’t be able to intercept it and detect information by “listening in” or “packet sniffing.”

Wing also encrypts all stored data using AES-256, following NIST S.P. 800-132 recommendations. In the off chance that security incidents compromise our systems, bad actors won’t be able to read our stored data.

Data Privacy Must Be a Company-Wide Concern

Every employee, from executives to entry-level staff, has a role in keeping data secure. Providing regular training, clear policies, and strong data security and privacy measures are key steps in this effort. Prioritizing data privacy reduces risks while enhancing the company’s reputation and competitive edge in today's data-driven world.

At Wing, we understand the critical link between data protection and customer trust. Our stringent security measures not only meet industry standards but exceed them, ensuring that your customers feel secure in their interactions with your business.

Any data you provide Wing will only become available to our AI and the dedicated Wing Assistant you consent to work with you. We train our assistants to keep client data confidential. They will not share it with other support teams or systems you have not authorized.

Unless you or your device explicitly allow it, Wing will not be able to access your data or PII. Learn more about how Wing protects your privacy in this video from our CEO, Karan:

Choose Partners Who Have The Right Certifications

Another thing you’d want to consider are the privacy and security policies of third-party providers you’re teaming up with. Doing this ensures that your customers' data is handled with the same level of care and security that you would provide.

If a third-party partner mishandles data, it can lead to breaches that compromise customer information, damaging trust and potentially leading to legal repercussions for your company. What’s more, the impact of data breaches on customer retention is significant.

Customers are increasingly aware of and concerned about how their data is used and protected. Any data breach or mishandling by third parties can quickly erode customer trust, leading to a loss of business and a tarnished reputation.

You don’t have to worry about that when you choose Wing—we make sure all our third-party partners have the same strict privacy and security policies we do. For instance, our payments partner, Stripe, has PCI Level 1 Compliance. Stripe is an industry leader, and their Level 1 certification shows their commitment to customer care. A PCI Level 1 certification is the highest rating a company can achieve in the payments industry.

Logging, Auditing & Authentication are Important

Consistent and robust authentication mechanisms build trust with customers. Knowing that their data is secure and that any malicious attempts to access their information will be thwarted reassures them of their privacy.

This confidence in the company's data security and privacy measures enhances customer loyalty and retention, as customers are more likely to stay with a service they trust to protect their sensitive information.

If your account requests or sends task or data requests through Wing, we’ll authenticate and verify the device’s identity using our servers, using a list of authorized devices and locations. So, malicious actors trying to pretend to be you won’t be able to send or receive data using your account.

We log instances when you, anyone from Wing, or another authorized party views your personally identifiable information, credentials, or any other secure data. We do this even for profiles with authorization. Furthermore, anytime Wing’s systems see any unusual behavior, it flags this for audit.

Maintaining detailed logs and conducting regular audits ensures that companies can quickly identify and respond to potential security threats. Customers appreciate knowing that their privacy is taken seriously and that the company is vigilant about protecting their information.

Protect Your Customers—Team Up With Wing Assistant!

Robust data security and privacy measures are indispensable for gaining a competitive edge today. Customers are increasingly knowledgeable and concerned about data protection, making it crucial for businesses to prioritize these aspects to build and maintain trust.

At Wing, we excel in providing secure services with our outsourced talent, ensuring that your data is safe and protected.

From stringent authentication processes to comprehensive logging and auditing, our security protocols are designed to exceed industry standards. By partnering with Wing, you not only safeguard your data but also enhance customer loyalty and retention, securing long-term success for your business.

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