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How Wing Assistant Completely Streamlines Your Recruitment

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There are so many different ways Wing Assistant can augment your business, as many of our previous articles have demonstrated. For example, AI can help create a more efficient and streamlined chain of events in talent management and recruitment. Today, companies receive applications from highly competitive candidates. Because of this, Wing is in a position to help you streamline your recruiting process.

Recruiting doesn’t just mean the gathering of potential job candidates. There are many, many points in the recruitment timeline, for both you and for your future team members. Wing can make a lot of these points easier for you. At times, they can do this in more creative ways than simple ATS tracking. Here are just some of the ways Wing can help!

Man interviewing woman, which is a way to streamline your recruiting process.

Wing Assistant Can Screen Resumes

AI has long been becoming more prominent for businesses in the resume screening space. Application numbers are skyrocketing, and resumes are becoming more packed than ever. Consequently, it certainly isn’t surprising how dependent businesses have become on AI to help them in the initial screening process.

AI tools have helped businesses parse for specific skills and experiences and separate the best “on-paper” candidates from the pack. However, traditional tools really are only good for on-paper tracking, and sometimes even miss out on the nuances as well.

Wing, with its combination of human and AI-based technology, can be useful in detecting more subtle tells of candidate preparedness. For one, you can assign the much-loathed task of parsing cover letters to our Wing operators. If you provide the specific qualities you want, our operators can quickly sort through applications and root out the desirables. They can summarize candidate stories and attach them to the resume if your recruitment team would like more context during resume reviews.

Additionally, during resume parsing, Wing can help your company take into account factors that an ATS doesn’t normally look at. For one, Wing operators can help parse through unorthodox resume templates, many of which stump average AI screeners on the daily. Also, they can make more holistic decisions based on results instead of written buzzwords, which complete AIs only look for during screening.

Wing Assistant Helps You Post to Job Boards

Taking a step back from resume screening, which I put first because it is the most obvious usage, there is another possible way for Wing to help even earlier in the process. This is job posting and description writing.

Normally, posting a job onto job boards can be a tiring process if one wants it done thoroughly. Compared to the rest of talent management work, it can be the biggest slugfest.

Luckily, Wing can take over that aspect for you. Just give us the job description and we can take it to the major sites around the web. If you’d like, we can even write the job description for you, based on your pre-set desires and requirements. This can not only save your time but also get your job posting to farther reaches. Our operators will be extremely thorough in the process and leave no stone unturned.

Wing Assistant Can Screen Interviews

Once a candidate makes it past the paper test of the resume screen, many companies are shocked at how inept or awkward the interviews are. The greatest resume can’t carry someone through to a company’s final rounds if the individual in question doesn’t fit in culturally. These conversations then waste the time of everyone involved.

However, traditional AI can’t solve this issue. AI tests have the same issue as resume screens, and also aren’t developed enough to perform a full analysis of how awkward someone can be. They aren’t made to gauge fit.

Wing AI’s operators, however, can be a strong tool for this problem. They can take the spot of the traditional screening interviewer to gauge the candidate’s overall EQ and fit. This saves time and money on your part, as your team members can now focus on other, more pressing matters.

Obviously, a more rigorous interview process will be necessary post-screening, but this function of Wing can be incredibly useful in saving time on trainwrecks. Besides this, it can also be used as a strong way of gathering context on a candidate. Wing operators can leave behind a full report on how the conversation went as well as the evaluation of the potential recruit.

Wing Assistant Can Recommend Decisions

Making the final decision on an applicant is a decision entirely up to your tea. However, the aftermath of that decision is a burden that Wing can shoulder. Rejection and acceptance emails, as well as follow-up questions and feedback, can be automated through Wing’s services.

One of the often-overlooked parts of a good recruiting cycle is the final message to all applicants to thank for their interest. Companies these days are becoming more and more likely to simply not respond to aspiring applicants. These hopefuls are then left to wonder where it went wrong.

In the effort of helping our clients maintain good relations with the external talent base (as well as be decent people), Wing Assistant can help perform these tedious tasks. If you have the list of rejected applicants and accepted ones, as well as interviewer notes,

Wing’s VAs can take over from there. We can send out all the relevant emails, as well as have enough information to answer any follow-up questions. This promotes your brand image in the recruitment space, while also preserving precious time for your team members. Rest assured, our trained operators are highly skilled at communicating delicately.

With Wing Assistant at the helm of outbound talent communications, that is one less aspect of the busy cycle that you have to worry about. Not only would this free up time for other endeavors, but it would also make your recruitment efforts more high-quality. Your team can focus then on what really matters: finding the right person for your future.

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