12 Tasks to Outsource to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

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If you’ve hired a real estate virtual assistant, you may be curious about what tasks are appropriate to assign to your new VA. After all, how can a newcomer add value to your business? It turns out that with the right preparations, there are a lot of ways a VA can make an impact.

Wing manages a team of VAs that specialize in real estate specific tasks. Each dedicated VA is there to help your business and you excel. But which specific tasks can you outsource to real estate VAs, and which should you continue to do yourself? 

In this post, we’ll discuss 12 essential tasks that a remote assistant can perform to make a difference for your team. At the end of this article, you should feel confident that you will get the most out of your real estate virtual assistant.

Virtual Real Estate Assistant Job Description

There are many types of virtual assistants. Real estate virtual assistants are independent contractors who provide specialized business support services remotely. These professionals handle tedious tasks in areas such as cold calling, lead generation, website development, marketing, and database management. 

Remote assistants offer a cost-effective solution. Realtors operating from home or small offices who need assistance with administrative tasks typically refrain from incurring additional expenses such as office space and equipment. VAs can perform all the same duties as an in-house assistant, minus having to stay in the same office.

Outsource These 12 Real Estate Virtual Assistant Tasks Today

Real estate agents spend so much time on essential tasks that don’t require their expertise, from lead generation and bid management to property sourcing and listing creation. A dedicated, trained virtual assistant can take these on. With a VA, you’ll have more bandwidth to focus on the work that really matters to your business— closing more deals and generating more revenue.

The best part is that a qualified VA can help you on every step in the pipeline toward a successful sale, from lead generation to negotiation administration. Let’s take a look at how a real estate VA can help you with lead generation.

A Real Estate Virtual Assistant Generates Leads

A real estate business can’t go far without potential customers. But oftentimes you’re spending so much time generating new leads that you can’t focus on the leads you have. If this problem sounds familiar, consider deploying a digital assistant to handle real estate lead generation.

A real estate virtual assistant can be your secret weapon when it comes to lead generation. From soliciting referrals from satisfied clients to posting relevant content on LinkedIn and other social media platforms, a trained, dedicated VA can truly move the needle on lead gen for your business. Wing VAs can even craft basic content marketing materials like blog posts and simple graphics to get potential customers talking about your business. You can even leverage your Wing VA’s SEO knowledge to see how well your efforts are doing online.

They Can Schedule Your Appointments

Many real estate professionals wrestle with managing appointment scheduling. With so many facets to this job, scheduling appointments for tours and consultations on top of everything else can be overwhelming. And yet, without proper attention to detail and expertise in scheduling, your team can come off looking unprofessional and unprepared.

A remote assistant with in-depth experience in schedule management can take the reins and relieve you of this additional stress. Whether you’re meeting with clients in person or virtually, your remote digital assistant is there to make sure your meeting scheduling goes smoothly. With this assistance in place, you just have to show up prepared to close the deal.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants Manage Bids

In a fast-moving business environment, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of bids on a property, especially if you have many projects in the bidding phase at the same time. But if you don’t manage bids properly or there is any confusion your business may lose credibility with clients.

Bid management is another area where a real estate virtual assistant can help to organize and manage information in order to ensure that you’re successful. A trained and professional VA can prepare an organized list of incoming bids, noting any information you think is important. In the meantime, you can be working on sales of other properties or meeting with new clients. As the bidding process winds down, you’ll have a detailed list and a roadmap for what to do next to sell the property.

They Conduct Property Sourcing

It’s important to have a system in place for sourcing real estate that you’d like to sell. After all, how can you generate demand if you don’t have a ready supply of properties on hand? No matter what sector of the real estate industry you’re working in, chances are that you could use an extra hand on this crucial task.

Though there are certain aspects of property sourcing that will require your professional expertise, a digital assistant can absolutely make a positive impact on this area of your business. Here are a few tasks a real estate VA can do to help your team with property deal sourcing:

A Real Estate Virtual Assistant Appraises Property

Appraisal is one of the essential real estate tasks that help keep your business running smoothly. Whether you are dealing with properties in commercial or residential real estate, you’ll need to have accurate and current appraisal information in order to list a property.

Luckily, with some input from your team, your real estate digital assistant can take on these tasks. Here are a few ways a virtual assistant can help your team with property appraisal:

Of course, you’ll be making the final call when it comes to the price of the property, but a real estate VA can ensure that you have the right information in your hands in a timely manner to make the decision.

They Handle Negotiation Administration

Once you’ve entered the negotiation phase you’re well on your way to selling a property. But this process can be time consuming and require a high degree of professionalism. Ideally, the negotiating parties should leave satisfied that they’re getting the best deal. At the very least, they should leave impressed by how smooth the process was.

Once again, the right real estate virtual assistant can make a difference here by providing organizational expertise and prompt scheduling. Wing VA can manage your schedule so that your team shines during the negotiation process. The Wing team vets all its VAs to ensure they are highly detail-oriented and provide outstanding customer service so you can focus on the details of the agreement at hand.

A Real Estate Virtual Assistant Manages 3D Tour Information

Tours are essential to selling properties in the real estate industry. If customers can’t see the offering and ask pertinent questions, you most likely will not make a sale. These days, 3D tours are popular substitutes for the typical in-person experience.

Real estate VAs can upload professional photos and video assets for 3D tours, as well as doing the typical scheduling tasks. With high quality, up to date images of your properties on display, you can be sure that every potential customer who wants to review the property can. The result is a smoother sales process, as customers can see what is being offered and know what to expect. Wing VAs have experience handling assets and other tour details for real estate professionals in a variety of different sectors and markets.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants Create Websites for Property Listings

Pretty much every successful real estate company is using some kind of digital marketing to reach clients. A robust web presence can help you connect with a wide audience at a relatively low cost. Add cookies or Google analytics tags to your site and you can also collect information on who is visiting your site and leverage this data to generate even more leads. You could even add a blog to help improve your search rankings.

When it comes to digital media strategy for your real estate team, you’ll be firmly in the driver’s seat. But a real estate virtual assistant can execute your strategy by creating listing websites and populating them with whatever content you think is appropriate. Once you have a website, you’ll want an organized, dedicated assistant to ensure that the assets posted are up to date. Wing remote assistants know how to create basic websites, blogging, and the basics of SEO and content marketing.

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Real Estate Assistants Handle Office Administration

If your business deals with the general public, there are a host of administrative tasks that need daily oversight. Real estate office administration can include organizing files, receptionist duties, managing incoming and outgoing phone calls, scheduling and reminders, CRM and other software management, and internal support.

These professionals could also serve as property management virtual assistants and handle the coordination and maintenance needed to keep your properties in good condition. 

Wing VAs undergo a 4 to 6 week training program to learn the ins and outs of these tasks. They have the qualifications to manage popular software packages like Zapier to automate some of these repetitive tasks, saving you a load of time. 

With a Wing real estate virtual assistant focused on the paperwork and day-to-day administrative tasks, you’ll have more time to find more qualified leads and close sales.

A Real Estate Virtual Assistant Designs Collateral

Your marketing collateral is a great way to connect with customers and project professionalism. Whether it is digital brochures, social media graphics, digital banners, or slide presentations, you’ll want to have several pieces of collateral in your arsenal to demonstrate your brand and services.

Here are a few examples of the pieces of collateral that you’ll need in the real estate field. A high-quality real estate VA can help you create all of these:

  • Infographics
  • Sales proposals
  • Social media graphics
  • Digital flyers
  • Print materials

Wing VAs learn how to make basic graphics and layouts in Canva to help with all your real estate collateral needs.

Real Estate VAs help in Project Management

So far, we’ve been focusing on real estate-specific tasks like bid management and property appraisal, but there is a whole subset of general project management tasks that are also essential to keeping a real estate business going. Here are a few of the more general project management tasks that a real estate VA can take on:

A good real estate virtual assistant can handle all of these project management tasks and more. Wing VAs learn how to manage popular software tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, and Slack to make sure your projects go smoothly. You got into real estate to sell properties, so why not let your VA handle the other things, so you can focus on doing just that?

They Monitor Google My Business Listings

Did you know that over 92% of internet users choose Google as their search engine of choice? If you’re running a real estate business, you will want to ensure that your business’s Google listing is up to date. Maintaining a robust Google business profile with positive reviews can improve your online reputation and lead to more hits on your website and potentially more business down the line.

This is a great task for a real estate virtual assistant. With a trained and experienced VA who setting up and monitoring ongoing Google business listings, you can rest assured that your information will be correct and up to date. For a low monthly price, Wing offers unlimited virtual assistance from a global team of experts. We don’t do hourly rates, so you’ll get a truly unlimited virtual assistant experience.

Wing Has Your Real Estate VA Needs Covered

Wing offers highly qualified virtual assistants to serve all your real estate needs. Our VAs have experience in industry-specific tasks and can hit the ground running. Each dedicated assistant arrives on day one understanding basic tasks like creating listings, property sourcing, and lead generation.

Whether you need a transaction coordinator, a virtual assistant for property management, or another type of real estate assistant, you won’t go wrong with Wing! Get a full-time, managed real estate assistant from us for $1,099 a month. 

What’s more, we train each real estate VA and team them up with a Customer Success Manager to ensure you’re satisfied with the results. Say goodbye to days spent chasing down leads and maintaining your website; set up a call to find out how Wing can help your business today!

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