9 Tedious Tasks You Can Automate with Wing Assistants

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If I ask you to rack your brain for a list of responsibilities that you wish you’d rather not have to do, I’m sure you wouldn’t have any problem coming up with it. Responsibilities like taxes, home maintenance, and groceries can be incredibly daunting just for how tedious they are. If you have children, even more tedious tasks suddenly pop up. These include finding babysitters, finding entertainment during quarantine, or even finding online tutors for their suddenly virtual schooling system.

A great way to automate your tedious tasks is with Wing!

No matter what daily responsibilities you find yourself dreading, Wing’s product can find a simpler solution. Your personal assistant exists to ease your burdens so you can better focus on being productive. Accordingly, we’ve gathered a list of “tedious tasks” that you could simply ask our Wing team to automate. After you offload the chores that take up an obscene amount of mental energy, you’ll find that you have much more time to give to your family and friends.

Of course, the listed tasks are just some suggestions. Some people love meal prepping, and others appreciate making decisions about entertainment options. We’ve also limited the number of children-specific tasks on this list, as our blog will soon be releasing an article on the ways Wing assistants can help parents in particular.

Without further ado, below are 9 of our tips on how to use Wing assistants to automate tedious tasks:

  1. Researching Recommendations
  2. Making Decisions
  3. Home Maintenance Calls
  4. Meal Planning
  5. Grocery Shopping
  6. Making Reservations
  7. Calendar Management
  8. Canceling Subscriptions
  9. Taking Care of your Pets

Wing Assistants Can Research Recommendations

Firstly, you can ask Wing to help you find more information about products, entertainment, or really anything in your life. Personally researching new movies to watch or the best type of light-up keyboard isn’t as exciting. This is especially true when you have to look at a lot of different variables.


Instead of going down that difficult path, you can automate that process with Wing assistants! Your personal assistant is well trained to perform strong personal research. They can provide recommendations on almost anything, from your next TV show to the best type of product to buy.

“Wing, I just finished House of Cards and I loved it! Please find me another political drama show similar to that style. I have Netflix and Hulu, so make sure it’s on one of those platforms.”

Of course, Wing will take a little bit of time to make sure it is sourcing the best recommendation. However, it is saving all that time for your own personal use. Instead of wasting a half-hour looking into the best type of hair product to buy, you can instead spend that time with your family. Or you could go take a much-deserved nap.

The ability to provide recommendations is one of Wing’s strongest capacities. There is an insane multitude of ways you could utilize this feature, beyond just product and movie sourcing. For instance, you can ask for a recipe recommendation, based on what you currently have in your fridge. You can ask Wing to do research on open job applications. You can even ask Wing assistants to search for your dream home, its price, and its location!


Of course, as you can imagine, I haven’t even scratched the surface of what Wing can do with its research. And this list didn’t even touch the business angle of what secondary research Wing assistants can do.

Wing Assistants Can Help You Make Decisions

If you’re like me and have trouble completely deciding on small things, such as what to have for dinner or what show to watch next, worry not! Even after coming up with recommendations, Wing can help you make decisions as well.

It doesn’t have to be a random pick either. Wing’s smart AI and assistants can help you make a decision based on your parameters and interests. You personally won’t have to list out the pros and cons, but it will still be factored into whatever decision Wing makes for you!

“Wing, please tell me whether I should make spaghetti or carbonara tonight. I want whichever one gives less calories.”

This way, you won’t have to go through the tedious process of figuring out what to make for dinner. Instead, based on what you tell Wing, your assistant can automate that for you. While Wing crunches the numbers on calories in the background, you can go ahead and focus on more important responsibilities.

Tedious tasks such as actually making a decision can just be offloaded to Wing

Hopefully, you end up going with whatever Wing recommends! If you find yourself doubting the decision, you can always ask your assistant for the reasoning behind the selection. Full transparency is the name of our app, after all.

Wing Assistants Can Make Home Maintenance Calls

Home maintenance can be tedious and grueling. Of course, a couple of us are lucky handymen and can take care of a leaking faucet on our own. Otherwise, however, you would probably have to end up calling a home maintenance person.

Now, these calls are pretty dreaded. Luckily, Wing can help you automate pretty much the entire process. As I described earlier, Wing assistants can do the research on who to best hire. Your assistant can also help make the decision on who to hire to help.


Ultimately, Wing can help you make those phone calls as well. Just describe your problem and give your calendar to your Wing assistants, and they can come up with the appointment call. By automating this process, you can escape a headache entirely.

“Hey Wing, I want to fix a leak in my roof. Could you call the handyman Sang at this number and set up an appointment?”

Wing Assistants Can Handle Meal Planning

One of the most tedious parts of the week is deciding when and what to eat. Especially during quarantine, when spontaneous dining is much harder, meal planning has become an important part of staying healthy. However, being so structured with something like meals can be quite tedious.


Luckily, you can always ask Wing to build out a meal plan for you, based on your diet preferences. If you’re vegetarian, or if you’re on a keto diet, Wing assistants will take that into account in the meals they choose. Maybe your meals happen at a specific time, such as if you’re practicing intermittent fasting, then you can even tell Wing to list out timelines as well.

If you want, you can ask them to give you the ingredients and necessary preparations for each meal as well. Wing assistants will take advantage of any and all meal prep research out there to create your plans, so you’ll be in good hands.

“Hey Wing, make me a meal plan for this week. I want to start trying the paleo diet, so can you tell me what goes into each meal and how it fits the diet as well? List it out into a spreadsheet and share it with my email.

Wing Assistants Can Do Grocery Shopping


After Wing meal preps for you, you’ll have a long list of ingredients to look for during grocery shopping. Speaking of grocery shopping, that is another task that takes up quite a bit of time from your week. If you’re somebody who dislikes grocery runs, there are two main ways that Wing can help automate and improve your experience with grocery shopping.

The more automated process that Wing assistants can do for your groceries is to basically find and deliver it. You can specify via a list what you need for groceries, and your personal assistant will not only look for the best place to buy these ingredients but also find a vendor to get it delivered. Before long, your groceries will be outside your door, and you didn’t even have to waste time thinking about it.

“Hi Wing, can you please deliver me the usual groceries for the week? Remember to use my new Walmart Plus account.”

Of course, if you’re more used to going to the grocery store to buy it in person, Wing assistants can still help you with the task. Keeping a grocery list is pretty exhausting, but after your assistant has created a meal plan for you, they can also automatically place it into a list! This automatically generated list can then be taken with you on your grocery adventures. No more having to look through everything you’re missing or everything you need; this can all be done by Wing!

Wing Assistants Can Make Reservations

One of the more annoying parts of eating at a high-class restaurant or going to an event (both of which is going to be put on hold during COVID-19) is the process of reserving your spot. Reservation calls can be quick and breezy sometimes. Other times, they can take an obscene amount of mental energy and effort.

If you’d rather not take the risk of suddenly spending an hour on hold for a reservation, you could simply delegate that task to Wing. Let your virtual assistant handle the inefficiencies and frustrations of reservation. In the meantime, you can go and enjoy your well-earned time, either putting it to productive use or spending it with quality people.

“Hey Wing, could you please set up a reservation at Il Capriccio for next Tuesday from 7-9PM? If they’re not free, book the latest available time on that day.”

Wing’s ability to not just perform the task, but also understand your schedule and plan accordingly means that you won’t need to deal with the reservation headaches that so many of us run into. Tell Wing to take into account your calendar and plans for the day, and we’ll accordingly schedule your reservation or appointment and let you know when it is happening.

Wing Assistants Can Manage Calendars

Speaking of letting you know when things are happening, another amazing thing that Wing can do for you is calendar management. For most busybodies, being completely on top of one’s calendar can be difficult. For some people, even after putting all of their meetings into the calendar, it may be difficult to remember each commitment as they move through their day.


Luckily, you can have Wing help you with that in multiple ways. For one, after giving Wing assistants access to your calendar, you can offload the burden of manually entering important times into your calendar. Instead, you could simply have your virtual assistant do it.

“Hey Wing, I have a meeting with James Blake tomorrow at 3:00PM. Could you set up a 1 hour meeting in the calendar, share it to his calendar, and include a Google Meets link?”

The small annoyances that come with setting up or entering meetings into your calendar can be easily automated by offloading it to your trusty assistant.

Otherwise, Wing assistants can also help you keep track of important events that you may otherwise forget about. For instance, I know that I have a hard time keeping track of all my friends’ various anniversaries and birthdays. Consequently, when someone’s birthday does pop up on my radar, I’m in shambles trying to find a suitable present.

Wing can help you keep track of these types of dates: points on the calendar which are semi-important and would require preparation, but not so big that you would remember off the top of your head. If you ask Wing assistants to remind you of the birthdays on your calendar a week in advance, our VAs can keep that request in mind for quite a long time! This way, you won’t be blindsided by yet another birthday celebration that you don’t possibly have time to prepare for.

Wing Assistants Can Cancel Subscriptions

Canceling a reservation or a subscription can be awkward, especially because it can lead to upselling by the person on the other end. If you want to quit the Economist, they make you jump through quite a few hoops.

Can Wing take care of these tedious calls for you? You bet we can! Simply tell Wing’s operators that you want them to call to cancel a subscription, provide them with the important credentials (which will be kept secure and deleted from our system at the end of the conversation), and the next thing you know your Menlo fees will be taken care of.

“Hi Wing, I want to cancel my Bombfell subscription. Can you call their customer service number and take care of it? I can provide you any information you need.”

You personally will never have to deal with the company service ever again or have to fend off their monetary advances. Additionally, the time you would’ve spent on hold or talking in circles with an operator can be spent on more productive advances.


Wing Assistants Can Help Take Care of your Pets

Obviously, this specific task is dependent on your pet ownership status. However, if you do own a pet, you’ll know that there are quite a few small things you have to do to take care of it. These actions include grooming, washing, walking, and feeding your pet. If anything goes wrong, such as if it eats something bad, then you’ll have to clean up after it as well.


Despite being entirely virtual (and thus unfortunately unable to pet your dog), Wing assistants can still play a huge role in easing your pet burdens. For instance, if you’re too busy to take your dog on a walk, you can ask Wing to find you a dog walker. Or, if you need to find high-quality dog food but can’t find the time to search for it, you can delegate that task to Wing!

Our current Wing customers have also used our app to take care of more esoteric pets. For instance, if you own a koala or something extraordinary, it may be difficult to find somebody who knows how to take care of it.

“Please find me someone to trim my parrot’s toenails.”

Wing, however, is willing to spend as much time as needed to find the right person for your pet. You can leave it to us to automate this tedious task, and focus your energies on areas that may require it more.

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