11 Signs Your Virtual Assistant Agency Will Drive Results

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More and more companies today are recognizing that VAs can help them manage monotonous tasks. In fact, research and consulting company Gartner predicts that by 2025, 50% of knowledge workers will use a virtual assistant daily, up from 2% in 2019. When you find a great assistant, it’s like you double your capacity; matching assistants with CEOs is the specialty of a virtual assistant agency like Wing.

Assistant agencies screen highly-qualified VAs from around the world and match their skills to business needs. Wing provides 24-hour services that free up valuable time, optimize workflows, and enable managers to do more mission-critical work. Managed VA services take the hassle out of hiring and positively affect administration and productivity; here’s what to know when hiring one.

The Difference a Virtual Assistant Agency Makes

The benefits of a managed VA service are vast. Agencies increase overall productivity by pairing businesses up with VAs that are highly specialized in different areas. For example, if you need help with online marketing strategies, Wing has experienced VAs that push your marketing potential further. The last thing you want is a badly managed VA service that’s more of a hindrance than a help.

Constantly monitoring employees is time-consuming and unproductive. Business leaders should only hire people that can work autonomously. Leaders wouldn’t want to engage with agencies that offer lackluster services and support either. That’s why vigilance is crucial when choosing a virtual assistant agency; it’s important to consider whether they deliver value for money. Below are three reasons why hiring from a managed service is worth it.

The Virtual Assistant Agency Screens & Trains VAs

Agencies are responsible for screening and training VAs to perform various tasks associated with running a business, especially ones that are necessary yet tedious. Most business owners won’t have time to onboard new employees; it is because the bigger a company gets, the more inefficient and unproductive it becomes for the owner to train new hires.

Wing has done the hard work so you don’t have to screen and train VAs. It’s hard enough finding the right person, let alone provide development opportunities. Furthermore, businesses shouldn’t worry about disengaged employees who don’t provide value because Wing individually onboards and trains all of its VAs. Wing VAs have your business needs covered for everything from accounting to data input and product returns.

The Virtual Assistant Agency Handles Salary & Benefits

It’s becoming increasingly expensive to introduce new workers into a business. The rising cost of HR and recruitment hinders businesses from investing their resources elsewhere. For example, instead of hiring in-house, businesses could spend on marketing strategies that open up new opportunities online or in other areas.

What’s more, a virtual assistant agency can oversee finance and accounting operations associated with salaries and benefits. With their help, you will free up time and capital. When these costs are removed and replaced with one easy monthly payment, it saves money and helps under-resourced HR departments focus their efforts on physical employees.

The Client Does Not Absorb Turnover Costs

High turnover rates cost businesses a lot of money. When employees leave, retraining staff or hiring new personnel can be a hassle and is often counterproductive. Sometimes businesses panic and invest heavily in new hires who either quit or aren’t a good fit.

This means that businesses end up wasting resources on staff leave, creating problems for businesses and their timelines. It also makes for an uneasy atmosphere in the workplace and breeds a frustrated workforce. Using a virtual assistant agency means that businesses don’t have to worry about these costs.

Some Qualities to Look For in a Virtual Assistant Agency

Finding the best virtual assistant involves more than looking for the most favorable skill sets. VA providers ensure a consistent, quality service that delivers long-term value for money. They do more than just manage VAs and instead partner up with companies to provide valuable services that promote growth.

Strategic growth is important for several reasons. It keeps businesses working towards a certain goal or target that goes beyond current market trends. The only way to achieve strategic growth is by managing operations and processes that allow higher-ups to focus on making crucial business decisions. VAs, in general, should have the following qualities:

1. Diligence

Businesses need diligent VAs that are both thorough and consistent. Assistants that understand the core values of a business are more likely to achieve goals and objectives. Wing VA services operate in many different fields and expertly pair businesses with VAs in the same profession. They offer competence all around and produce the highest quality work. The longer a Wing VA works for your business, the more they can mold their working practices to fit in with your growth strategy.

2. Proactiveness

Proactiveness is key when managing a business. Ideally, your assistant should help you identify workable action items or integrate them into their to-do’s. Businesses that are proactive and consider future prospects have the best chance of avoiding unwanted surprises down the line. Wing VA services help turn businesses into flexible enterprises, saving time and money along the way.

3. Willingness to Learn

All Wing VAs are willing to learn, grow and go the extra mile. They mature with the business and incorporate feedback and guidance to succeed in daily tasks. VAs also help businesses to become digital-first companies through their continued development and innovation. Virtual assistant agencies support businesses by learning and understanding specific needs and delivering multifunctional support where companies need them the most.

4. Efficiency

Businesses require VAs with quick turnaround times on projects. Wing VAs are efficient, productive, and above all provide value. Virtual assistant agencies enable businesses to optimize daily operations and increase production output. The long-term effects of efficient working practices enable VAs to work smarter, quicker, and more intuitively. Efficient VA services offered by Wing, help clients to make money and grow their businesses for the same amount of resources.

Other Criteria Business Owners Must Consider

There are several other criteria that business owners should consider when choosing a VA provider. Virtual assistant agencies specialize in different areas and offer a range of varied benefits. Below are other important criteria that businesses should consider when choosing a VA service.

5. Industry Experience

Industry experience is among the most important factors when choosing a virtual assistant agency. Leading the way with expert industry experience, Wing provides a unique service that incorporates knowledge, insight, and know-how to completely overhaul daily tasks. Wing’s industry experience provides businesses with in-depth knowledge and quality assurance that guarantees results.

Whether you are a CEO or an Amazon Web Services (AWS) startup, Wing’s dedicated and responsive VAs have your best interests in mind. For Example, Wing VAs can strategically move appointments over for clients with minimal disruption. What’s more, they can use technology like internal accounting software to automate tasks like sending invoices to clients with overdue payments.

6. Fast Response Times

Fast response times support monitoring give businesses the power to win over customers and fully engage in a customer-centric strategy. Tracking response times help computer science departments to better understand performance. Wing VAs provide fast response times that greatly improve customer experience and encourage repeat business.

Wing VAs are also proactive. For example, they can monitor clients’ customer support software for issues, feedback, and bugs and add these to project management tools like Trello. You can also count on your assistant to generate a weekly report of the top 10 most critical bugs, and a link to Trello to view the rest.

Studies have shown that timely customer service prevents customers from having negative experiences. Wing VA services encourage consumer loyalty through unrivaled response times.

7. Company Innovations

VA service providers are innovating fast and delivering services at an unprecedented rate. Wing has developed a unique platform that combines AI technology with the prowess of the human brain to produce a distinguished virtual assistant agency that covers all of your needs. Businesses must also continue to innovate in the digital sector to future-proof processes and win over new customers.

Wing is continually innovating to produce the best results for their clients and is helping businesses to develop new cross-sector partners and relationships that foster positive change. For Example, Wing took on a logistical request from a client that required innovative thinking. Wing checked the company’s human resources system to get a list of addresses on file, then confirmed & updated addresses with all 50 employees, and then engaged 23 different delivery services & contractors in the 23 territories around the world to get the deliveries done by 5:45 PM ET.

8. A Solid Reputation

The reputation of a virtual assistant agency can make or break your decision to choose their service. A good reputation means more opportunities for your business. It’s the same for VA providers. Wing has garnered a glowing reputation in the VA industry and is one of the fastest-growing providers with year-on-year growth.

Reputable agencies are more likely to promote good relationships between VAs and business owners by taking a comprehensive approach to fulfilling needs and requirements. Virtual assistant agencies with established reputations work with businesses to identify specific needs and develop roadmaps to transform processes.

Questions to Ask About A Virtual Assistant Agency You Want to Hire

VA qualities, education, and experience aren’t the only things you can use to narrow your search for the perfect virtual assistant agency. It’s important to factor in other elements such as whether or not they have established processes, access to VA support, and reasonable pricing. The elements below represent what businesses should look for in a VA service provider; use them to determine which agency you should hire.

9. Do They Have Established Processes?

At the most basic level, processes and procedures should be clearly definable and easily measurable. If you’re searching online for a VA provider that can’t demonstrate its processes, it probably won’t be able to support your business in the way that you need. Established processes help businesses to build a reputation through clarity, consistency, measurement, and growth.

Wing has solidified its process strategy by accumulating deep insight and industry knowledge and relaying it back to the consumer through its innovative VA services. Businesses create peace of mind when there is trust between virtual assistant agencies and the businesses they serve. The best way to ascertain whether or not a VA provider has established processes is through testimonials and proven deliverables.

10. What Support Do VAs Get from the Virtual Assistant Agency?

VAs require ongoing support from their agencies for development and growth. A virtual assistant agency that works towards building and strengthening their workforce delivers better quality services. It is because they make an effort to be in line with industry standards. Don’t choose an agency that doesn’t invest in its workers. Chances are it won’t be able to deliver functional services that have long-term benefits. If a VA isn’t adequately educated or trained, it can have catastrophic effects on your business and create a lot of headaches.

Wing VAs are experts in their field and go through a stringent vetting process to make sure that they only deliver the best and most qualified assistants. This model has allowed Wing to grow pretty quickly and hold firmly onto its place among the industry’s best.

11. Do They Have Reasonably Priced Services?

Pricing is always a pressing issue and arguably the most important for businesses. Determining a price point that’s right for your business is crucial for ongoing development strategies to be effective. Businesses should devote time and effort to finding a price structure that works for them to get the most out of the various services that a virtual assistant agency provides.

The VA industry is a burgeoning industry that has seen systematic, innovative change throughout the last five years. The rapid growth felt industry-wide means that more businesses are entering the market and offering their VA services than ever before.

When thinking about price and value for money, it’s important to consider the knowledge, history, and proficiency of your VA provider before making any decisions. Wing has always offered a competitive pricing structure that includes a full range of services for one low monthly rate starting at $799/Month.

Having a competitive advantage is important for businesses that want to grow and solidify their services. Wing is passionate about offering affordable VA services that help to grow and scale businesses through the use of expertly managed VA services.

A Virtual Assistant Agency Helps Achieve Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a major priority for businesses today. Digital-first businesses are part of an exciting movement from offline to online processes and workflows. That said, it takes a lot of planning and effort to fully optimize a business for the future, and multifunctional VA services like Wing’s take the difficulties out of running a business and enable workers to focus on important development opportunities like digital transformation.

At Wing, our priority is to help business leaders own their time. So, we’ve developed a competitive pricing strategy that works for everyone. Wing offers fully managed, trained, and dedicated assistants starting at $799/Month; schedule a call today to learn more!

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