Skills of a Software Developer: What to Look for in a Hire

Skills of a Software Developer: What to Look for in a Hire

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Software development is among the most in-demand jobs today. In fact, the number of developers worldwide is projected to reach 27.7 million in 2023. It’s not surprising. After all, technology-driven industries need software. So, if you want to gain a competitive edge, you’ll need to recruit talent with the essential skills of a software developer.

For instance, when you hire from Wing Assistant, you can expect technical expertise and experience that will translate to high-quality code. Moreover, we’ll match you with professionals with the software developer skills that will fit your specific needs.

So, whether you need someone to create your website or develop your app, this article is for you. We will share all the necessary qualifications you must watch out for when choosing the right person for the job.

Skills of a Software Developer Related to Technical Expertise

When have someone with the essential software developer skills in your team, you can expect innovation, scalability, and security. Moreover, comprehensive expertise contributes to faster development.

In contrast, a lack of skills can lead to missed opportunities, security vulnerabilities, and project delays. So, if you want to remain competitive while satisfying customers, hire a developer with the following technical skills:

Programming Languages

Depending on the project you’re working on, you’ll need a developer who is proficient in the right programming languages. It’s also worth noting that someone with knowledge of a wide range of languages makes them more flexible and adaptable to different requirements.

Moreover, they’ll be able to choose the ideal tool for every task, contributing to development efficiency. Here are some coding languages that are good to be part of software development skills:


Because of its “write once, run anywhere” (WORA) feature, Java has been a crucial part of many business applications, large-scale systems, and Android app development projects. New and experienced developers alike find this coding language valuable because of its platform independence, robustness, and reliable community support.


Its readability and simplicity make Python one of the most highly favored coding languages. It is used in data science, automation, web development, and artificial intelligence. Moreover, it is perfect for rapid development, especially since it has extensive frameworks and libraries.


If you also need technical skills for front-end web development, find someone who knows JavaScript. This coding language plays a critical role in creating dynamic and interactive user experiences in web browsers. No wonder it is among the most-used programming languages by developers.


Are you working with relational databases? If so, the person you’ll hire should include SQL proficiency in their technical skills. They’ll need it to manipulate and manage data stored in Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.


This versatile coding language is widely used in high-performance apps, embedded systems, game development, and system programming. Being proficient in C++ is valuable when your project involves performance-critical tasks.


Developed by Microsoft, C# is a coding language primarily used for Unity games, Windows apps, and Xamarin development.


This is the standard markup language that developers use for creating the content and structure for web pages. HTML expertise is also essential for search engine optimization and integration with other coding languages like CSS and JavaScript.


A scripting language used on the server side, PHP is essential in powering web applications and a large part of websites. Moreover, it’s one of the coding languages that effectively integrates with databases.


Many web developers appreciate Ruby’s elegant syntax. Moreover, instead of focusing on configuration, it emphasizes convention. As such, it boosts productivity when building web applications.


If you’re working within Apple ecosystems, hire a developer who knows Swift. The programming language for macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS, it is known for its safety features, simplicity, and compatibility with Objective-C.


When you’re reviewing the skills of a software developer, make sure that they also include comprehensive database management. Your developer must know how to create, store, insert, delete, and update records. After all, without an efficiently managed database, your businesses won’t be able to create any kind of software or application.

Your software developer should also know how to prevent and handle any type of security issue. So, they must properly back up your records. While MySQL is the most popular database technology across the globe, it would be good to have someone who has some knowledge of MongoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Redis.

Operating System

Operating systems are crucial in software engineering and development. So, when reviewing the technical skills of a candidate, ensure that they also know OS mechanisms. While on the job, they might encounter related issues, like slow programs, memory usage problems, and tool conflicts. They must be able to write code that works on multiple machines. Otherwise, you’ll encounter serious issues during the production phase.

While Windows is the most popular operating system for software development, many programmers also prefer Linux and macOS. Meanwhile, for tablets and mobile devices, Android and iOS are the best examples.

Software Debugging and Testing

Debugging and testing are also essential software development skills, especially since they contribute to user satisfaction, cost savings, and overall efficiency. Indeed, artificial intelligence (AI) programs can automate this task. However, human developers still need these skills because the job requires analytical thinking.

While generating lines of code can be a technical task, there’s some level of artistry to it. You need to understand how systems are put together to ensure a positive user experience. Moreover, having developers who are skilled in testing and debugging can lead to efficient collaboration and successful deployments.

Collaboration: One of the Vital Skills of a Software Developer

According to a Zippia study, 70% of U.S. businesses adopt Agile methodologies. After all, it has been proven to bring a 63% success rate to projects. Now, if you choose to work in an Agile environment, teamwork and collaboration will become common in your daily operations. So, you must check if your software developer can efficiently work with others.

Agile development focuses on incremental and iterative processes. Moreover, it requires constant coordination and communication among team members. Keep in mind that your software developer will work with various individuals with different specializations and work styles. They should be willing to work with the following:

  • Software engineers
  • User interface (UI) designers
  • User experience (UX) designers
  • Project managers
  • Marketing specialists

Here are some reasons why collaboration is one of the most essential software developer skills:

  • Positive team connections – Developers who are open to collaboration can help build healthy work relationships with their colleagues and managers. Moreover, they can foster an environment of teamwork, camaraderie, and trust. Besides, they allow an exchange of knowledge that can help improve individual and collective technical skills.
  • Better project outcomes – Because a collaborative developer can work in a team, they can help ensure the success of a project. Every team member can use their individual expertise and strengths, allowing more comprehensive and well-rounded solutions. Sharing ideas allows development teams to determine innovative ways to overcome software challenges.
  • Project flexibility – Responsiveness to change and adaptability are at the forefront of Agile development. When software developers know how to collaborate with their coworkers, they can efficiently respond to client feedback and dynamic project requirements. Consequently, there will be better chances of project success and customer satisfaction.

What Other Soft Skills Should a Developer Have?

Soft skills are crucial for success in any kind of business. Even with the stereotypes associated with software developers, they too need soft skills to accomplish tasks efficiently. Indeed, technical skills are crucial in getting your project started. However, the quality of your product will depend on the efficiency of your team. Here are some of the ideal soft skills of a software developer:


As we’ve mentioned, software developers must collaborate with other programmers and even stakeholders. So, it is essential that they know how to communicate project progress. Check if the developer has adequate communication skills:

  • Interpersonal communication – Developers will interact with several people with different personalities and work styles. So, they must learn how to adjust their communication approach accordingly. For instance, when speaking with a client, they should avoid using technical terms. On the other hand, when communicating with a colleague, they can use their industry language.
  • Active listening – Because software projects are highly technical, developers must be able to understand the requirements accurately. Besides, the job often involves solving complex software issues. As such, they need to actively listen to user feedback in order to identify the problem effectively. This way, they can determine an accurate solution to the users’ pain points.
  • Public speaking – In some cases, software developers are required to present product features. So, they need to be able to speak eloquently in front of other people. Moreover, they must be able to connect with the audience to make it easier for them to understand the presentation.


There are many reasons to hire a software developer, and one of them is to handle complex project issues. However, you need to find someone who has critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This way, you can expect them to think outside the box when addressing coding issues.

Even before the start of a project, software development teams must expect evolving requirements. With adequate problem-solving skills, developers are able to adapt to the changes efficiently, allowing them to determine appropriate alternatives when necessary.

Time Management

Time management is always part of the essential soft skills of a software developer. After all, they work with stakeholders from every side of the project. Moreover, they need to be ready to collaborate with business managers and project managers. So, it is their responsibility to ensure that they accomplish deliverables in a timely manner.

Self-Improvement and Industry Knowledge

Software developers who are dedicated to self-improvement are more confident in their work. Consequently, they tend to be more productive, engaged, and satisfied with their job. So, if you want higher retention rates and overall efficiency, find someone who always keeps their industry knowledge and skills updated. This way, you’ll work with a software developer who has the tools necessary to keep your company competitive amidst a rapidly evolving tech environment.

Industry knowledge and self-improvement may not be traditional software developer skills. Even so, they can be the driving forces that enable an individual to remain equipped in an unforgiving field. As such, software developers must know the latest programming languages, industry news, and technologies.

How a Software Developer’s Industry Knowledge Influences Their Coding Quality

Every software development project has unique challenges that require particular solutions and technologies. So, having knowledge of the latest industry advancements allows developers to make informed decisions for specific scenarios.

By taking advantage of cutting-edge frameworks and tools, they can deliver more reliable and effective solutions. Besides, they’ll always anticipate potential opportunities and challenges, allowing them to take a proactive and innovative approach to software development.

Software developers who have comprehensive industry knowledge also collaborate and communicate effectively. Every member of a team can collectively understand the standards and best practices in the industry. Consequently, they can work together efficiently, avoiding miscommunication and enabling smoother workflows. Moreover, team members can exchange insights and ideas, ultimately improving overall problem-solving and creativity levels.

Hire from Wing and Never Worry About the Skills of Your Software Developer

Once you’re ready to hire a software developer, identify candidates with the right technical expertise and soft skills. Moreover, consider their work experience, collaborative attitude, and industry knowledge. After all, these qualities are essential in ensuring that you’ll have a secure, robust, and reliable software product.

When you need to hire the best remote software developer, turn to Wing Assistant. As the trusted managed service provider in the field, we will provide you with top-notch talent that matches your project’s unique needs.

What’s more, we take pride in our unforgiving vetting process. So, you can expect to work with an adaptable, highly skilled developer who can deliver outstanding results.

If you’re ready to achieve your software development goals, schedule an appointment with Wing Assistant today!

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