Top Medical Scribe Companies: What You Should Know

Top Medical Scribe Companies: What You Should Know

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It’s common knowledge that handling electronic medical records (EMRs) is burdensome for medical practitioners. Doctors and nurses are already swamped with work. Even so, they have to deal with clerical work.

However, we cannot disparage the importance of having accurate and compliant EMRs. Thankfully, there is a solution – turning to medical scribe companies. A study conducted in emergency departments in Australia found that using scribes improved physicians’ productivity by 15.9%. Besides, a separate study concluded that medical scribe companies could help boost overall work satisfaction among doctors.

Now, to reduce EMR errors while improving patient care, you need to find the best service that will fit your needs. So, we’ll share the top medical scribe companies that can help boost efficiency while providing complete and accurate documentation services.

What Are the Top Medical Scribe Companies?

Here are the top medical scribe companies that provide comprehensive medical documentation services:

Wing Assistant

The top medical scribe companies offer comprehensive services that cover a wide range of medical documentation tasks. When you choose Wing, you can spend less time taking notes and more time caring for your patients. You can delegate transcription and medical administrative tasks to remote, HIPAA-compliant scribes. Moreover, you’ll have access to a task management tool for communicating with your scribes, allocating projects/tasks, sharing files, and more.

Wing takes pride in having a comprehensive vetting process when hiring medical scribes. You can ensure you’ll work with someone with all the technical skills, the right attitude, and passion for the job. You can hire Wing’s scribes to document patient history, transcribe medical dictation, list physician findings, organize medical records, and perform other general administrative tasks. With a dedicated Customer Success Manager, you can ensure that someone will be on hand to address all your concerns and needs.


ScribeAmerica has been in the industry for almost two decades. It has provided medical scribe services to over 3,500 partners across the country. This company offers flexible training and management programs tailored to the specific needs of its clients.

When you’re looking for medical scribe companies with teams with expertise in outpatient, emergency medicine, and post-acute documentation, ScribeAmerica is among the top options. You can hire an in-person scribe. On the other hand, you can also hire one of their TeleScribes and take advantage of their virtual services. ScribeAmerica promises to monitor your goals and deliver great ROI within the first year of your partnership with the company.


ProScribe is also one of the top medical scribe companies that offer on-site and virtual services. You can hire one of their scribes who has undergone an extensive, in-house training program. Their scribes have a thorough understanding of medical workflows and terminology. What’s more, their scribes will study their client’s documentation preferences to improve accuracy and efficiency.

ProScribe also offers virtual medical scribes who work through a HIPAA-compliant platform. They will listen and observe the examination while documenting it in the electronic health record (EHR) in real-time. ProScribe only employs qualified virtual scribes based in the U.S.


Augmedix offers medical documentation software that uses natural language processing and automated speech recognition. Using technology powered by Google Cloud, the program automatically transcribes conversations between medical practitioners and patients. Moreover, medical documentation specialists have supported the product’s structured data models to create accurate notes.

Because Augmedix’s products are automated, clinicians don’t have to worry about inputting their medical notes into the EHR. All they need to do is review the data and sign off. Augmedix also has features for assessing productivity and charting efficiency. It is one of the top medical scribe companies that lets customers take a data-driven approach to their documentation process.


Like ProScribe, Scribekick also offers on-site and virtual medical scribes. If you opt for the latter, you can still get real-time services. Their virtual medical scribes use a HIPAA-compliant platform that practitioners can access via mobile devices and computers. Besides, because they are accessible anywhere, they are ideal for physicians who practice medicine in remote areas.

Scribekick was founded by Bradley and Ann Cameron Barr, the children of a doctor who was struggling with the documentation requirements of their practice. The company recruits, hires, trains, pays, and manages the scribes. So, physicians can focus more on caring for their patients than worrying about inputting data into their EHRs.


For almost a decade, ScribeConnect has been providing services to various healthcare organizations across the U.S. This company specializes in customizing, developing, and implementing medical scribe programs in emergency departments, clinics, and hospitals. ScribeConnect is a top medical scribe company providing workforce recruitment, training, and management services.

Use ScribeConnect to access their medical scribe job board. It’s free to post job openings, and the job board lets you review candidate credentials, and hire qualified scribes. You also don’t have to worry about training your scribe because the platform offers training and certification programs. Finally, ScribeConnect lets you manage tasks and send compliance reminders if you have multiple scribes from various locations.

If you plan to build a medical scribe team for your healthcare facility, you can get the right training resources from This company customizes online scribe training according to the customer’s budget and needs. A team of experienced physicians and clinical scribes developed’s courses. These individuals have years of experience as medical scribe educators, trainers, practitioners, and on-site managers.

You can access comprehensive training courses that cover medical charting, medical terminology, pharmacology, medical billing, scribe admin tasks, and more. Whether you want your existing staff to upskill or you want to train your newly hired scribe, you’d find the right resources on

Most medical practitioners using dictation software usually spend a lot of time correcting their notes. Instead of making the process easier, the program adds an administrative burden to physicians. DeepScribe understood this pain point, which was why it automated the entire note-taking process. It is one of the medical scribe companies that uses AI technology to create accurate medical notes.

DeepScribe’s AI-powered medical scribe listens to natural patient-doctor conversations. It then transcribes the conversation in real-time while parsing filler words and small talk. So, you’d end up with notes containing medically relevant information. You can also integrate the program with your EHR; you only need to review the notes and sign them off.


Scribe-X was founded in 2013 with the mission of reducing the burden of documentation for doctors. It uses Scribe Bridge, a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform, to provide virtual scribe services to health departments and community clinics. With this program, you can easily access medical scribes anywhere, get real-time support, and avoid physically crowding the patient room.

When you opt for Scribe-X, you can expect to work with a medical scribe with extensive clinic admin work experience. Consequently, you will spend less time processing paperwork. What’s more, you can access a dedicated abstractor who will ensure that charts are completed before the next patient visit.

Skywriter MD

When Tracy Rue founded Skywriter MD, he wanted physicians to avoid wasting time on EMR documentation. He believed that the right technology and service could make the process more efficient, allowing doctors to focus on treating their patients. As such, Rue’s team developed a collaboration tool that allows real-time connection and communication with virtual scribes.

You can hire Skywriters to take medical notes and input the data into your EMR. They also perform other clinical admin tasks. So you would have more time for patient care. You can expect Skywriters to fulfill intense documentation requirements while adhering to regulations.

Ditto Transcripts

While we’ve listed several medical scribe companies in this article, you might also want to consider a transcription service. Ditto Transcripts offers transcription services for various industries, including the medical field. This company employs U.S.-based and experienced medical transcriptionists adept at handling EMR and EHR systems.

You can get medical transcripts for chart notes, operative reports, clinic notes, and S.O.A.P. notes, among many documentation requirements. They do not require clients to sign off on long-term contracts. So, you can always cancel your service if you’re not satisfied. Ditto Transcripts provide HIPAA-compliant services while adhering to AHDI/AAMT standards.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Medical Scribe Company

While our list of top medical scribe companies is comprehensive, it only covers some available options. Now, if you want to make the most out of the service, you need to consider the following:

Compliance with Healthcare Regulations

Are you planning to hire virtual medical scribes? Keep in mind that they are business associates of a covered entity. So, they need to safeguard the electronic protected health information (ePHI) as defined in HIPAA regulation.

When reviewing your options for medical scribe companies, go through their websites. Check what measures they take to comply with HIPAA. Hiring them wouldn’t be wise if they don’t provide details on how they uphold compliance.

Customization and Flexibility of Services

Finding a medical scribe provider that offers customized and flexible services can have results that meet your specific needs. You can hire scribes trained according to your practice’s terminology and specialties. By streamlining your workflow, you can spend less time on documentation and focus more on providing care to patients. Besides, you can cut costs because you only get the services you need for your practice.

Reputation and Customer Reviews

Medical scribe companies can easily claim they are the best in the field. However, the proof is in the pudding. You must find a reputable provider with a proven track record of quality service and accurate documentation. As such, you need to perform your due diligence.

These days, you can easily find customer reviews through a quick Google search. Go through what previous clients have to say about the medical scribe company. One or two bad reviews won’t hold water if they’re among hundreds of positive testimonials. Even so, you should still keep what these people say in mind when communicating with the medical scribe provider.

Hiring a Remote Medical Scribe? Go for Wing!

At Wing, we understand the excessive burden that documentation puts on medical practitioners. If you want to reduce burnout, let our scribes handle general administrative work like note-taking, charting, and electronic record-keeping. 

When doctors spend less time on documentation and more time on patient care, they can lessen stress and improve work-life balance. Having Wing’s medical scribes on your team can improve your practice’s productivity and efficiency.

Whether you’re a health facility manager or a physician, consider Wing’s managed and on-demand medical scribes. Book a call today to learn more!

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