Types of Virtual Real Estate Assistants & Which One to Hire

Types of Virtual Real Estate Assistants & Which One to Hire

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Despite some forecasters predicting a lukewarm 2023 housing market, the industry is still on an upward trajectory. For one, it is projected to reach $113.60 trillion in 2023. With all of this activity, you cannot afford to get left behind. Hire a real estate virtual assistant—they are a valuable addition to any real estate team. They help with social media marketing, managing viewings and even coordinating transactions. This frees up valuable team time to connect with potential customers. In this article, we’ll learn how virtual real estate assistants can help boost productivity and help busy teams make more sales.

Wing provides busy partners with managed, dedicated virtual assistants at a low monthly cost. We train our real estate VAs to handle the specific demands of the industry. Our operations team oversees them every step of the way. Along with a real estate VA and Client Success Manager, Wing customers also get industry-first VA management software for seamless communications.

Administrative Virtual Real Estate Assistants

Like any good VA, a real estate virtual assistant should be able to schedule appointments, organize files, and fulfill other administrative tasks. Whether it’s answering phones, CRM management, or ordering office supplies, a real estate VA can be a valuable asset for your team on day one.

Wing VAs develop time management skills during a 4 to 6 week training program to hone basic office tasks. This includes automating mundane tasks through software like Zapier, saving time and getting the most out of your VA investment. This type of attention to detail and streamlining of processes helps your team focus on high value tasks that increase revenue.

Marketing Real Estate Assistants

Marketing is crucial to making sales consistently, but a qualified VA can handle many of the day-to-day marketing tasks of your real estate business. Your team will need messaging and visuals that are consistent, clean, and professional-looking.

Hire a VA to handle social media marketing, content writing, and other marketing tasks and you don’t have to worry. Wing vets, hires, and trains VAs to take on common marketing tasks like blogging and social media account management, simple graphic design, and making infographics. Use the ‘Credentials’ feature in the Wing Social Media Management app to grant instant access to your tools and apps. Wing’s Media Library can also store your team’s marketing collateral, like images, videos, and infographics, for future use.

Transaction Coordinators for Real Estate

Professionalism is key when closing real estate deals. Every customer interaction should be smooth and responses should be prompt and clear. Even something as simple as scheduling a follow-up call reflects on your team and requires a professional touch.

A well-trained Wing VA can be the face for your team in the transaction coordination process. With a VA managing follow-up calls, meetings, and your schedule, you can rest assured that negotiations will run smoothly. Wing VAs undergo a four to six week training program to instill the fundamentals of good customer service so they can shine in any client-facing task.

Commercial Virtual Real Estate Assistants

There are so many tasks rolled into closing a successful commercial real estate deal, and not all of them require your team’s expertise. These tasks are important, however, and finishing them on time during peak months can make or break a successful deal. Luckily, you can outsource tasks like market research and construction estimates and get you the information when you need it.

With Wing, your team will get access for up to 3 users who can give your VA unlimited tasks during the agreed upon working hours. Simply add tasks to the existing queue and watch as they’re completed. This is ideal for busy months in commercial real estate like June, July, and August. For high volume desks, you can opt for the Wing Pro plan and add an additional Wing assistant to double productivity.

Wholesale Real Estate Assistants

Wholesale real estate is a low-risk way to close deals in any market, regardless of proximity. But like any business venture, it’s important that the fundamentals are sound. Your team needs to research and thoroughly vet each property to ensure the investment is viable. With lots of potential properties available, this process takes time.

Wholesale real estate VAs can do vital, time-intensive work like conducting market and property research, managing inventory databases, and more. When a competent real estate VA does your research, your team can focus on interfacing with investors and property owners. Your VA will work behind the scenes to ensure that you have the right facts and figures to close the deal.

Factors to Consider when Hiring Virtual Real Estate Assistants

Real estate hiring managers take time and care to vet prospective candidates for full-time positions, and it should be no different when hiring a virtual assistant. Let’s take a look at a few of the key factors that will set your VA candidate up for success.

Assistant’s Expertise/Experience

Hiring managers often don’t have time to train new VAs on the job. In today’s fast-paced real estate market, you need a VA who can hit the ground running and provide your team with top-notch assistance right out of the gate.

Your Wing Customer Success Manager will match you with the VA with the right skill set for your needs to ensure that there is no time wasted training or onboarding someone who is not a great fit. If your team has a task that is specific to your business, you can use Wink, Wing’s screen recording and video messaging tool to create an instructional or process documentation video.

Communication Skills

Communication is the lifeblood of any business, especially in a client-focused field like real estate. A good VA needs to be fluent in English and available for quick responses as needs arise. Superior customer service and communication skills make your VA incredibly versatile; they can handle reception, content marketing, and customer-facing tasks, as well as interface with team leads behind the scenes to provide research and valuable information.

Wing VAs are fluent in English and ready to go during working hours. Every account holder gets Wing’s industry-first communication software so you can chat with your VA and get rapid responses. Wing VAs are also available via email and text message during working hours. You can also opt to connect to your Wing VA via mobile and web apps like Slack. Your VA can adapt to whatever works for your business.

Technology & Tools

Good tools can cut down on repetitive tasks that waste time and money. Every virtual assistant on your team should be able to take advantage of real estate property marketing software like Rela as well as common automation software like Zapier to complete simple tasks. A VA can create 3-D tours with footage from your properties using Matterport or build property appraisals using Anow. With easy-to-do tasks completed, your full-time staff will have more time for mission-critical work.

Using Wing’s custom Workflows tool, you can drag and drop tasks into a flow chart that explains exactly what you want your Wing VA to do. If you’re too busy to complete the workflow, Wing staff can do it instead. If a Wing tool isn’t right for your business, our VAs are quick to learn new tools and will adapt to your team’s existing workflow so you won’t miss a beat.

Pricing & Contract Terms

One of the major benefits with a managed VA service is that you know what you’re going to get. For a standard monthly fee, you’ll get access to a qualified, trained, and managed professional assistant for up to 40 hours a week. If you hire a solo practitioner or a temp agency, your business may not get the benefits of this reliable fee structure.

With packages starting at $499 a month, you can get a Wing virtual assistant for 4 hours or up to 8 hours a day, Monday to Friday. Get a Wing VA that specializes as an Executive VA, virtual receptionist, real estate VA, or lead generation assistant to take your real estate business to the next level. Your dedicated Wing assistant is initially placed by a Customer Success Manager who understands your team’s needs. This saves a lot of time interviewing and trying to find the right candidate.


Some managed VA solutions will provide an assistant who is juggling multiple accounts. The result can be a significant delay in response time and costs to your business. When you’re running a busy real estate business, the last thing you want to do is pay for a virtual assistant who isn’t 100% focused on your team’s needs.

Your Wing VA focuses only on your business and will respond to requests within minutes. Our team manages your VA for you so you don’t have to worry. Once your VA is aboard, our operations team manages them to make sure they are contributing and getting the expected results for your team. That kind of accountability and results are essential to your team.

Hire Top-Notch Virtual Real Estate Assistants through Wing

A good VA is a great investment in your real estate business. Ideally, your team will hire a real estate VA who possesses all of the fluencies listed above. Whether it’s market research, content marketing, or reception, your VA needs to arrive ready to work on common real estate tasks in order to drive growth for your team.

With full-time packages starting at $899, Wing makes it easy to find the right virtual assistant for your business. Rather than having to vet, interview, and hire a qualified professional yourself, you can save time and boost productivity on day one. Connect with one of our customer service representatives via live chat or schedule a call to learn more about how Wing can help your business today.

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