The 5 Top Virtual Assistant Companies Serving the US Market

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Today it seems like all companies are implementing some type of remote or hybrid work scheme. The rise in remote work and the number of virtual assistant companies comes at the same time as the great resignation. This trend has seen thousands of employees quit their 9-5s post-pandemic. This means that savvy entrepreneurs are now choosing to work for themselves and are launching new businesses at incredible rates.

This is why the demand for virtual assistants will continue to rise in the coming years–the jobs market is bouncing back from the stresses of the pandemic and is becoming more flexible as people decide to work in new ways. Wing was one of the first companies to recognize a gap in the jobs market and offer unique VA services. This VA service combines human knowledge and expertise with powerful AI software to completely revolutionize the management of tasks and business processes. Wing has invested a great deal of time and effort in developing distinctive VA services that stand out from the competition.

The Personal Assistant/Secretaries Market in the U.S.

The global intelligent virtual assistant market was valued at $5.82 billion in 2020. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the total number of secretaries and administrative assistants in the U.S. was over 3.4 million in 2021. The growth of the intelligent VA market is largely down to the adoption of digital transformation and AI-based technologies.

Increased process automation across multiple industries such as technology, retail, and e-commerce has boosted VA adoption market-wide. VAs are more in demand than ever because of the increased rate of technological innovation. AI-powered virtual assistants spread across diverse devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones are also set to boost the market growth.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted business processes globally and caused marketing agencies, financial organizations, and small-to-medium-sized startups to switch to VAs and conversational AI tools. The adoption of VAs in times of crisis helps to maintain effective customer service and facilitates the autonomous completion of daily tasks. VAs reduce the impact of market disruption by following clear objectives and implementing strategic growth and transformation.

Technological advancements and the emergence of the internet of things (IoT) are reflecting market growth and are introducing software-based VA systems that harmonize interactions between humans and machines. The introduction of smart VAs that help carry out routine tasks accurately and efficiently will have a big effect on and expand the VA market in the United States.

Where Can You Find Great Virtual Assistants?

In the digital age, you can find and hire VAs in several different ways. Virtual assistant companies are the best choice because they provide hands-on managed services. However, you should not limit your options,  which is why we have outlined some of the best VA employment resources below:

Personal Networks

Personal networks are always a good place to start when searching for a suitable VA. Business owners have the advantage of utilizing contacts and connections to find VAs that fit perfectly into established business models. Using personal networks is a great way to strengthen business connections and discover the perfect person that matches individual needs and expectations.

A major benefit of personal networks is the fact that they enable businesses to take a more subjective approach to the hiring process. This means that businesses gauge the personalities, traits, and skills of VAs before making an official offer of employment. Personal networks are utilized by small businesses or sole business owners as part of the hiring process but aren’t recommended for larger businesses because they require more oversight.

Freelance Marketplaces

Freelance marketplaces such as LinkedIn offer businesses easily searchable profiles of qualified VAs. These professionals operate primarily as independent contractors or sole proprietors, meaning you’ll be hiring at a higher cost, but without the need for a middleman. Freelance marketplaces offer VAs from all over the world, which also enables businesses to leverage talent across different time zones.

One downside to freelance marketplaces is the lack of protection. You’ll most likely be entering into a freelance contract or agreement which doesn’t guarantee quality delivery of work. This is why businesses and recruiters need to be extra vigilant when using freelance marketplaces to hire VAs.

Personal Efforts

Business owners could also use their own skills and expertise to effectively headhunt and search for desirable VA candidates. They usually achieve this through research and exploration and by incorporating the use of personal networks, websites, newspapers, and job fairs to seek desirable candidates.

This is probably the most difficult way to find a VA, requiring plenty of input from the person hiring. Down the line, it’ll produce great results, though, because people whom business owners personally hire tend to care more about company values and stay on the job longer.

Virtual Assistant Companies

Managed VA companies are your best option when it comes to hiring a VA. They offer consistent, reliable, and credible VAs that have been vetted according to industry standards. Managed virtual assistant companies such as Wing provide businesses with a level of safety and security that none of the other options can consistently match.

Managed VA providers are market leaders and specialize in recruitment and employment. They connect businesses with VAs that have industry knowledge and experience.

Managed VAs:

  • Are expert assistants with a vested interest in your success
  • Have customer success managers, teammates, supervisors, and other forms of support,
  • Are supported with efficient payment methods, which means reduced HR/payroll costs
  • Can help your team navigate business disruptions smoothly, giving you peace of mind
  • Can react quickly and adapt to change

Business owners don’t have a lot of spare time, and they could benefit immensely from having VAs. A virtual assistant can easily manage everything from daily tasks to critical business processes, increasing the amount of time owners and CEOs spend on growth and expansion.

The 5 Top Virtual Assistant Companies in the US

The VA market is expanding rapidly and has seen marked growth for the last five years. Here are the top 5 companies providing VA services to the US market:

Wing Assistant

Wing Assistant is an industry leader in delivering high-quality VAs. Wing’s human assistants leverage powerful AI algorithms to deliver services at a competitive price point. All Wing VAs have access to  training and guidance from senior colleagues, which is crucial in today’s ever-changing digital world.

Wing VAs help businesses grow by taking on administrative tasks and client requests. Wing offers innovative VA services that help businesses reduce stress, risk, and potential danger. When you decide to hire a VA through Wing, you can rest assured that you are getting a commitment to service that is unrivaled industry-wide.

Wing offers a variety of different VA services to suit individual business needs. Whether you require a VA for your Amazon startup or your financial services business, Wing has you covered.

Wing offers the following services:

  • Social Media Assistant
  • Real Estate Assistant
  • General Assistant
  • Amazon Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Sales Caller

Pros of Hiring Wing

One thing which sets Wing apart from other virtual assistant companies is its ability to integrate technology into its services. Wing assistants use workflow tools that enable them to manage recurring tasks. They can also use a range of SaaS software and platforms – from Slack to and more, you can count on your Wing VA to seamlessly support your team or business.


Zirtual’s virtual assistant services supposedly minimize lost time and bring synchronicity to high-intensity administrative operations for an affordable fee. Some of their services include:

  • Inbox & Calendar Management
  • Expenses and Invoices
  • Website Maintenance
  • Dedicated Assistants
  • Event Planning
  • Data Entry

Pros of Hiring Zirtual

Zirtual hires only US-based talent, which might be a plus for business owners especially concerned with cultural fit and time zone alignment with their virtual assistants. However, hiring only from within the US means missing out on qualified and skilled workers from around the world. This is something that won’t happen with virtual assistant companies like Wing, who hire VAs from overseas.

Cons Of Hiring Zirtual

Zirtual does not seem to prioritize integrating technology, workflows or other platforms in their processes, unlike Wing, which invests heavily in developing its own apps. What’s more, Zirtual VAs don’t have the best response times, which could create bottlenecks in businesses.


Magic’s non-binding pay-as-you-go plan costs $10 – $12 an hour. The company claims 24/7 support and on-demand delivery services. They also provide SMS support and Groups for Magic – a social chat app where you can collaborate and organize with family members or teammates on a project.

Pros of Hiring Magic

Magic has a well-rounded selection of services at its disposal, from administrative management to coordinating events. What’s more, Magic doesn’t require long-term contracts, giving business owners the freedom to scale up or down as needed.

Cons of Hiring Magic

Magic charges higher fees compared to other virtual assistant companies. Other VA providers typically charge under $10 an hour and tells you how many assistants you can hire. With Magic, you don’t get this information upfront. Another con of Magic’s VA services is their failure to utilize AI as a service. Magic fails to harness the latest available technologies required to improve and optimize results.


Double’s VAs offer solutions and services in the form of:

  • Scheduling and Management Requests
  • Email and Administrative Coordination
  • Follow-up prompts regarding meetings and schedules.
  • Prioritizing weekly and daily reports on work-flow
  • The creation of travel itineraries and the ability to make reservations and book appointments.

Double employs talent from the US, France, and Canada. Their ability to accommodate clients who are in different time zones and speak different languages diversifies their market.

Pros of Hiring Double

A Double VA is ideally suited to the needs of busy C-suite executives who could benefit from a virtual assistant specifically tailored to the needs of someone like them. Double only hires 0.5% of applicants who apply to become a VA with them. This makes their acceptance rates one of the highest compared to competing VA providers. Other pros include:

Cons of Hiring Double

Double’s packages have very few hours – the most affordable one only provides 10 work hours per month. Meanwhile, the highest-tier package provides 50 work hours, just under what a part-time employee would render. Hiring assistants for more than 50 hours per month incurs significant surcharges.


Belay VA services adopt a unique approach to serving their clients, placing importance on integrity, honesty, gratitude, and fun with everything they do. Belay VA offers various services which include:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Non-profit Bookkeeping
  • Website Support and Maintenance
  • Social Media Strategizing

Pros of Hiring Belay

Belay has received endorsements from a number of Fortune 500 companies. They’ve also been in business for a while – most small business owners would find it comforting to hand off their routine tasks and paperwork to a stable company with plenty of experience in virtual assistant services.

Cons of Hiring Belay

One of Belay’s downfalls is the significantly higher hourly rate it charges compared to other virtual assistant companies. What’s more, Belay takes up to 90 days to onboard new VA’s. For a company eager to ramp up their processes, this waiting period can cause unnecessary delays.

Why is Wing Your Best Option among Virtual Assistant Companies?

Over the past few years, the administrative services industry has greatly evolved. Since most companies have (or want) an online presence, they turn to digital providers to help them build their brand. VAs or virtual assistants are more in demand than ever; the rise of digital services and products has pushed businesses to explore ways they can be more efficient in delivering services through the web.

Wing Assistant’s easy-to-use platform helps customers own their time. Wing’s managed and dedicated VAs are available on the go, and they are able to support businesses in real and measurable ways that facilitate development. Get started today so you can do more of what matters!

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