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Marketing can be a very broad job description, one that requires an incredibly wide skillset. The work you may need to put into a campaign isn’t necessarily stimulating or creative, either; certain aspects of marketing can be incredibly tedious. Since Wing Assistant helps marketing teams and agencies, we’re well aware that in order to create “easy” marketing, you have to go through hoops of difficult work.

The process, starting from your first content idea to your social media output, is incredibly exciting. At the same time, however, certain aspects of the journey are a little more exciting than others.

Marketing is a multi-step process, so easy marketing can be pretty difficult.

Marketing is creativity, strategy, and business knowledge all mixed into one. Many aspects of marketing is very skill-intensive, which means that outsourcing it usually is quite a daunting prospect. However, there are certain tasks that a marketing team must perform that requires a little bit less skill. Actions include content brainstorming, competition content collection, and calendar management. Even requisite engagement on social platforms, such as liking and commenting on others’ Twitter posts for increased social presence, can be quite a tedious task.

The more—for lack of a better term—boring parts of marketing are luckily the ones more easily automated. For businesses, Wing can be a strong tool that saves your company much needed time and effort. Wing, as your company’s virtual assistant, can play a big role in streamlining your promotion process and making it easy marketing. Below are some examples of ways Wing Assistant can really help with your marketing process.

Wing Assistant Helps in Content Ideation

One of the tried and true ways to really engage your target audience is through content marketing. Content marketing, however, can require a lot of preparation and ideation that is much less fun than the actual content creation. When you want a massive list of possible topics geared towards a specific demographic, you really can save a lot of time by simply getting your personal assistant to tackle the task instead.

1. For instance, if you supply a general topic and demographic, you can have Wing’s skilled operators run through content ideation for you. Instead of having company personnel waste time digging through Ubersuggest or Buzzsumo, Wing can perform it in the background!

“Hey Wing, please find me the most searched content about the children’s apparel industry in the last two months. Compile all of them onto a spreadsheet by frequency, please.”

2. One of the most commonly accepted frameworks for content creation is to use the skyscraper technique. This is a technique where you build off of your competitor’s compiled content. Usually, you take their content and make something that is 120% as comprehensive. Then, you collect backlinks from reaching out to organizations by demonstrating how your content is better. If your team uses this technique, Wing Assistant can make it much easier on your marketing department. By having Wing compile all of your competitor’s specific content, it really lends to easy marketing in your content.

“Wing, please compile into a spreadsheet all the top 15 Google results when you search the keywords “what is a tungsten racquet.”

Wing Assistant Handles Community Engagement

Aside from content marketing, social media management is another very important aspect of any marketing plan. Marketing through social media, however, is more intensive: usually each post must be well designed with completely accurate branding. This means that outsourcing the task to a third party can result in crazy mishaps. This is especially true if that third party isn’t good at following branding instructions. At the very least, outsourcing social media work requires a thorough check-up of the content afterwards.

Holding a magnifying glass over graphs allows for easy marketing

However, there are more tedious parts of social media than just posting. For example, daily community engagement, which is a recommended part of any social media plan, is fairly tedious work. This is especially true for smaller companies and start-ups who are still trying to build a community following.

For these businesses, one recommended approach to social media engagement is Twitter responsiveness. This means constantly engaging with the tweets and updates of other companies or partners in your space. However, in the early stages this can be quite a time-intensive endeavor. Giving your specifications to Wing Assistant can help save a lot of time.

“Hi Wing, I’ve got a recurring task for you: could you log into our company’s Twitter, and from there, three times a day, react and comment to NGO accounts under the hashtag #womensempowerment? In our comments, please refer to the brand guidelines we’ve sent prior.

This may seem like a big ask, but Wing’s AI brings a capacity to understand complicated logistics. Additionally, Wing’s human operators are well trained in written nuance, which means they can accurately and adeptly handle differences in branding tone for each company. Finally, this saves your social media team much needed time that they can instead utilize to tackle post creation and editing.

Wing Assistant Can Deploy Surveys

In a previous blog post, we showed why Wing is a strong tool for secondary research. However, Wing can actually play a strong role in primary research components as well.. Primary research, and especially surveys, is a major aspect of building a consumer profile, which ever good marketing plan needs. However, while designing the survey is intensive and requires insider knowledge of what your company wants, the actual process of getting that survey into the hands of more people is a tedious task that you don’t need your team to actually perform.

Instead, outsource the deployment of surveys to Wing Assistant, which can distribute it in the background without your team having to manually send them to dead ends.

“Wing, please get this survey out to all of our customers on our email list. Also post it on our company’s LinkedIn page with a call to action for our followers and employees to take it.

Why Wing Assistant is Your Partner in Marketing

Marketing isn’t easy, but with Wing Assistant it may become a little less tedious. When you find your team wasting energy on simple tasks that are necessary of marketing, consider offloading them to your favorite virtual assistant. The amount of creative energy you can put into the rest of your campaign can be pretty enticing.

For other ways Wing Assistant can help your company improve, check out our articles on how we can supply and organize your business.

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