40 Common Virtual Assistant Tasks You Should Be Outsourcing cover

40 Common Virtual Assistant Tasks You Should Be Outsourcing

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Running a business can be challenging, especially once you start expanding and juggling more tasks. In the early stages of your operations, you might not need several employees. However, as your company grows, you’ll likely need more people on deck. This is where a virtual assistant can lighten the load for business owners. By delegating virtual assistant tasks, you’ll gain back valuable time so you can focus on more critical aspects of running your business.

Since these remote workers can do their jobs online and from anywhere around the world, you don’t have to supervise them physically. Besides, the flexibility of their workspace lets you save money that would otherwise go to an office rental. With an assistant, you can quickly scale your operations without worrying about gaps in your processes.

Now, what virtual assistant tasks can you outsource?

1. Administrative Tasks

While administrative tasks may seem unimportant, they form the backbone of your daily business operations. But, anyone can agree that they can consume a significant amount of effort and time that could be redirected towards strategic activities. So, if you want to streamline your workload while ensuring that someone still handles essential functions, you can outsource the following virtual assistant tasks:

A. Email Management

Hiring a virtual assistant for email management is a must, especially when you’re a busy entrepreneur. You’ll have someone to sort your inbox, respond to routine inquiries, and prioritize critical messages. As a result, you’ll have an organized and neat inbox while ensuring that you’re always in the loop regarding important communications.

B. Calendar Management

Virtual assistant tasks that you can outsource also include arranging meetings, scheduling appointments, and sending reminders. A remote worker can coordinate schedules with other parties to minimize conflicts. By organizing your day, a virtual assistant can help you find the time to concentrate on pressing business matters.

C. Data Entry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industries that hire the greatest number of data entry specialists include employment services, information technology, accounting and finance, and technical consulting. Now, if your business relies heavily on data, like the aforementioned sectors, you’ll benefit from hiring a data entry virtual assistant. They can efficiently handle the input of data into your systems, maintain databases, and ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date.

D. Travel Planning and Booking

If your business requires you to travel regularly, a virtual assistant can help you plan and book your trips. They can research the best travel options, book flights and accommodations, and even create detailed travel itineraries.

E. Document Formatting and Proofreading

Zippia's research revealed that 54% of virtual assistants have a bachelor’s degree, making them quite proficient at their jobs. So, if you want to ensure that your business documents are free of errors and professionally formatted, you can expect them to have the necessary skills to do so. Plus, they can efficiently proofread reports, presentations, and other professional assets. This ensures that all your documents meet high standards of professionalism before they reach clients or stakeholders, enhancing your business’s credibility.

2. Customer Support

According to HubSpot research, 93% of consumers will return to a business that offers excellent customer service. So, if you want to encourage customer loyalty, you can outsource virtual assistant tasks related to support. Here are some functions that ensure your customers receive helpful and timely service:

A. Responding to Emails and Inquiries

As we’ve mentioned, virtual assistants can efficiently handle administrative work like responding to customer emails and other inquiries, providing quick and accurate responses. Aside from responding to general questions, they can also escalate more complex issues to relevant departments.

B. Live Chat Support

A separate HubSpot study reported that 90% of consumers expect an immediate response to their concerns. To offer real-time solutions, you can hire a virtual assistant who’s trained in live chat operations. They provide instant assistance and resolve issues promptly, significantly reducing response times and increasing customer satisfaction.

C. Phone Support

Another HubSpot research reported that 69% of customers still prefer phone support over other channels. You can outsource this virtual assistant task and let a qualified support specialist handle incoming calls, provide information, resolve issues, and route calls.

D. Social Media Management

A social media assistant can manage your social media platforms and interact with customers by responding to their messages and comments. This involves virtual assistant tasks like monitoring customer feedback and brand mentions. As such, you can stay connected with your audience and engage in meaningful conversations.

E. Online Community Moderation

If you’re maintaining online communities, you can hire a virtual assistant to function as a content moderator. They can check discussions, enforce community guidelines, and engage with members. By fostering an inviting and safe environment, a virtual assistant can help maintain the integrity of your online spaces.

3. Research and Analysis

To ensure the success of your business strategies, you have to make informed decisions. Leveraging virtual assistants for research and analysis gives you access to valuable insights without diverting your focus from core business processes. Here’s how virtual assistants can support your business in various research and analysis tasks:

A. Market Research

With the help of a virtual assistant, you can understand customer preferences and market dynamics. They can perform tasks like gathering feedback, conducting detailed surveys, and analyzing consumer behavior. By gaining a clear picture of the market landscape, you can improve your products and services to better meet your customers’ needs.

B. Competitor Analysis

You can stay ahead in the industry by hiring a virtual assistant to keep an eye on your competitors. They can perform thorough competitor analysis, tracking their marketing strategies, product offerings, and customer reviews. By outsourcing these tasks, you can acquire the information necessary to refine your strategies.

C. Data Gathering and Summarizing

If you handle data from various sources, a virtual assistant can collect the information and provide you with a condensed, summarized, and actionable version. Whether it’s customer feedback, sales data, or performance metrics, they’ll help you acquire the necessary data to make informed decisions.

D. Industry Trends Monitoring

A virtual assistant can also perform tasks like monitoring relevant updates, news, and developments in your industry. By monitoring these trends, you can anticipate market shifts and align your strategies according to emerging opportunities.

E. Report Generation

Aside from summarizing collected data, a virtual assistant can also generate comprehensive reports. They can include analyses, visual data representation, and executive summaries. If you coordinate with several stakeholders, this service will help you get the necessary updates that can guide your corporate strategies.

4. Content Creation and Management

Whether you’re running a startup or a large enterprise, you’ll need to strengthen your brand presence and engage your audience. You can achieve this by hiring virtual assistants who can consistently produce high-quality content across various platforms. Here are some content-related tasks that virtual assistants can proficiently handle:

A. Blog Post Writing

According to Demand Metric, companies that regularly publish blog posts produce about 67% more leads that do not take the same approach. This happens because informative and compelling blog posts establish a business’ industry authority, effectively driving traffic to their site. A virtual assistant can also perform the tasks of a content writer. They can research topics, draft articles, and integrate SEO best practices to optimize your brand’s visibility.

B. Content Editing and Proofreading

It’s not enough to produce content regularly, you also have to ensure the quality of your output. Virtual assistants can perform meticulous editing and proofreading to ensure your content is error-free and polished. They can check grammar and compliance with style guides, ensuring accuracy and professionalism in your published materials.

C. Social Media Content Creation

It’s crucial to maintain a social media presence in today’s digital age. A virtual assistant can help you achieve this by creating engaging posts and scheduling content to ensure consistent and active engagement with your followers. By outsourcing these tasks, you can maintain a solid brand voice across various social media platforms.

D. Newsletter Management

A virtual assistant can leverage the best email management tools to effectively create and deliver your newsletters to your audience. They can tailor the content and design according to the specific interests of each subscriber list. Plus, they can schedule the delivery and adjust the approach to ensure a higher number of leads.

E. Content Distribution

Aside from generating content, a virtual assistant can also distribute your content across various channels, including email, social media, and other platforms. By performing these tasks, they can help your business drive engagement and reach a wider audience.

5. Technical Support

Outsourcing technical support tasks to virtual assistants can ensure that your technological infrastructure operates smoothly without demanding excessive attention from your core team. Here are some areas wherein a virtual assistant can provide technical support:

A. Website Maintenance and Updates

Your online presence relies heavily on a functional and up-to-date. Virtual assistants can handle routine website maintenance tasks such as updating content, installing security patches, and ensuring that all links and features work properly. By performing these, your virtual assistant can prevent potential downtimes. At the same time, your website will continue to provide a good user experience.

B. Software Installation and Updates

You can also hire a virtual assistant to install new software and ensure that existing applications are regularly updated. Whenever there are updates, your assistant can implement them during off-peak hours. At the same time, they’ll ensure system compatibility to facilitate a smooth implementation. This way, there will be minimal disruptions to your daily operations.

C. Basic IT Troubleshooting

Virtual assistants can be trained to function as IT helpdesk support agents. They’ll have the technical skills necessary to provide first-level IT support and address common issues. For example, they can troubleshoot hardware issues, resolve connectivity problems, or even guide individuals through basic procedural steps.

D. Database Management

Virtual assistant tasks can include regularly creating database backups and updating records. Such activities can help your business maintain a well-organized and secure database. Moreover, it supports data-driven decisions while preventing data loss.

E. Server Monitoring

As your IT operations grow, you’ll need more people to continuously monitor your servers. You can include virtual assistants in your team who can monitor server performance, track unusual activities, and flag potential issues before they become serious.

6. Personal Assistance

As an entrepreneur, your personal tasks can often overlap with your business responsibilities. Hiring an executive virtual assistant can make your life easier by performing various personal and family tasks for you. You can delegate the following to a remote assistant:

A. Personal Errands

Tasks that can be done online, such as ordering groceries, paying bills, and managing subscriptions, can be delegated to a virtual assistant. They can take over these routine activities, allowing you to have more time for personal relaxation or strategic business planning.

B. Scheduling Meetings

Virtual assistants can schedule appointments beyond business-related activities. For instance, you can let them manage your personal calendar, ensuring that you never miss your dental or even hair salon appointments.

C. Gift Shopping and Wrapping

Admit it—gift shopping and wrapping take a lot of mental space, effort, and time. You can offload these tasks by letting your virtual assistant research the best gifts to give to your loved ones, friends, or business associates. They can purchase these items online, have them wrapped beautifully, and even add a thoughtful message.

D. Household Management

Virtual assistants can also coordinate household management tasks such as hiring cleaners, scheduling home repairs, or overseeing maintenance services. Plus, you can share a list of items you need around the house with them. Let’s say you regularly purchase pet food, cleaning supplies, and light bulbs, among others. Your remote assistant can order these items for you, allowing you to save a significant amount of time.

E. Event Planning

Planning a special night out with your loved ones or a big celebration with your colleagues? A virtual assistant can manage the venue bookings, invitations, catering, and even entertainment arrangements. While event planning requires meticulous attention to detail, hiring a virtual assistant means that you don’t have to be involved in every small decision.

7. Financial and Bookkeeping Tasks

Managing finances doesn't have to be a headache. With a virtual assistant handling your financial and bookkeeping tasks, you can keep your books tidy and your mind clear for big-picture business strategies. Here's how a virtual assistant can transform your approach to financial management:

A. Expense Tracking and Reporting

You don’t have to drown in receipts and spreadsheets because a virtual assistant can handle expense tracking and reporting. They can monitor every penny spent, categorize expenses accurately, and generate comprehensive reports. This way, you can see where your money goes, uncover potential savings, and manage your budget efficiently.

B. Invoicing and Billing

Virtual assistants can help you maintain cash flow by ensuring timely invoicing and effective billing. They’ll ensure that bills are sent promptly while keeping tabs on outstanding payments.

C. Bookkeeping and Accounting Support

Let a virtual assistant manage the nitty-gritty of daily bookkeeping—from updating ledgers to reconciling bank statements. With their meticulous attention to detail, your financial records will always be spot-on. This way, you can have a crystal-clear view of your fiscal health whenever you need it.

D. Payroll Management

One of the most complex, time-consuming, and labor-intensive tasks in accounting and finance is payroll management. You can ease this burden by letting a virtual assistant calculate paychecks and fulfill tax obligations. By ensuring that your team gets paid accurately and on time, you’re also keeping the morale high.

E. Tax Preparation Assistance

Once tax season rolls around, you can easily feel swamped. A virtual assistant can help get your documents in order, organize your receipts, and make sure you’re ready for filing with time to spare. By taking a proactive approach, you can avoid last-minute scrambling and avoid costly errors.

8. Miscellaneous Tasks

Miscellaneous tasks may seem trivial, but they’re crucial for smooth business operations. Here’s a quick view of various duties that versatile virtual assistants can efficiently manage:

A. Online Research and Data Entry

Need quick facts or thorough market analysis? Virtual assistants can conduct online research. They can compile the data and enter it into systems.

B. Transcription Services

Whether you need a medical scribe or a general transcriptionist, a virtual assistant has the skills to convert audio into text. They can transcribe notes and create accessible documentation of important discussions.

C. Translation Services

Are you planning to expand your global reach? Well, you can also find virtual assistants who can translate documents, emails, and web content.

D. Virtual Event Coordination

If want to hold an online conference or a webinar, you can let a virtual assistant manage the invitations, coordinate schedules, and handle technical setups. They can also follow up with the participants, ensuring that every aspect of the event will run smoothly.

E. Database Cleanup and Organization

When neglected, databases eventually become outdated and cluttered. A virtual assistant can systematically clean up and organize your databases. Moreover, they can ensure that the information is accurate, properly categorized, and easily accessible for future use.


Outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant enhances productivity and streamlines operations, allowing you to focus on strategic growth. After all, virtual assistants can be quite versatile. They can handle everything from daily administrative duties to complex project management.

If you’re ready to delegate routine tasks, consider outsourcing virtual assistant tasks to Wing Assistant. Contact us today to discover how we can free up your time so you can focus on innovation and business development.

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