Here Are the Best Virtual Assistant Companies in 2024 cover

Here Are the Best Virtual Assistant Companies in 2024

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Involved in business management, operations, or entrepreneurship? You need a top virtual assistant. It’s the only way to free up your time while optimizing your workflow. To help you accomplish this, we’ve lined up the best virtual assistant companies in 2024. Read on!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a diverse team member available to ease your workload. These remote workers specialize in a variety of industries. You’ll need to hire through the best virtual assistant companies to find the right virtual assistant for you.

With a virtual assistant remotely at your side, you’ll improve your work efficiency and accuracy in no time. Moreover, as an independent contractor, a virtual assistant is a cost-effective solution. You won’t have to worry about paying a full-time wage along with all the added costs that come with it, including health care and vacation pay.

Best Virtual Assistant Companies for Specialized Talent

Let’s look at the diversity of specialized virtual assistant services so you have all the information you need. Here, you’ll find the best virtual assistant companies to help you find top virtual assistants for healthcare, customer support, marketing, real estate, executive assistants, and sales. Virtual assistants are in demand!

Best Virtual Assistant Companies for Healthcare

The best virtual assistants in the healthcare field ease the burden of administrative tasks for medical specialists. Think appointment scheduling, medical transcriptions, and other time-consuming, tedious, yet mandatory health-related tasks. The results? Medical professionals have more time to spend on providing invaluable patient care.

Wing Assistant

We could be biased, but we’re putting Wing healthcare virtual assistants right at the top of this list. Our full-service VAs offer all-around support, from managing EMRs and appointments to handling billing and coding, physician correspondence, healthcare practice marketing, and other general administrative tasks.

All Wing healthcare VAs provide dedicated, “unlimited” support in the 8-hour window you specify. Meaning, they can take on as much work as you need them to, and you’re sure that your tasks are their highest priority. And you don’t have to worry about miscommunication; all Wing VAs are college-educated, speak English, and have undergone rigorous vetting and training.


HelloRache is at the forefront of delivering healthcare virtual assistants to numerous medical, dental, optometry, and veterinary professionals globally. You’ll transform your medical practice by streamlining back-office tasks and simplifying in-room EMR documentation processes with a top virtual assistant specializing in healthcare.

Founded by doctors for doctors, Dr. Mark Carnett, a family physician, found a way to save busy healthcare workers stress, money, and time with HelloRache. A healthcare VA significantly reduces the time physicians spend on office tasks. Meanwhile, the VAs you hire are highly professional nurses and medical staff in the Philippines. You are in the best virtual assistant hands with affordable pricing and privacy practices backed by HIPAA.

Cool Blue VA

Cool Blue VA is another one that is on the list of the best virtual assistant companies when it comes to healthcare. The company prides itself on saving its clients up to 70 percent in wages compared to hiring full-time assistants. A Cool Blue VA can assist in providing your office with essential expertise across various areas, including front-office management, scribing, back-office tasks, and insurance support.

Highly skilled virtual assistants work around the clock, even when you are not there, providing invaluable service flexibility. Knowledgeable in any EMR software, a Cool Blue VA is HIPAA trained. What’s more, you’ll have the same virtual assistant throughout to ensure a productive and rewarding work relationship.

Virtual Nurse RX

Virtual Nurse RX is one of the best virtual assistant companies for medical and mental health professionals looking to employ a top virtual assistant in the healthcare field. All virtual assistants at Virtual Nurse RX are registered nurses or mental health therapists. Moreover, Virtual Nurse RX  expert-level virtual assistants undergo comprehensive training in medical systems, EMR, EHR, and Practice Management platforms to ensure they possess the essential tools and skills needed for the job.

The team at Virtual Nurse RX is headed by a dedicated US-based project manager who can address any questions or concerns. Everyone on the team is 100 percent HIPAA compliant, and bilingual virtual assistants in English and Spanish are also available.

Go-to Virtual Assistant Companies for Customer Support

In a non-stop digital world, customers expect support 24/7. That’s why a virtual assistant must deliver personalized care through customer service, chatbots, email, and social media interactions. Eliminate bottlenecks in your system and elevate sales growth with a customer support virtual assistant from one of the best virtual assistant companies.

Wing Assistant

Wing also has dedicated receptionists, IT helpdesk support agents, and assistants for general customer support. Our customer experience team provides seamless and scalable support, at very affordable prices. For 160 hours per month, you get access to a dedicated assistant, replacements when they’re unavailable, and the Wing Workspace App, our dedicated platform for managing passwords, sharing files, and communicating with your assistant.


Established in 2008, MyOutDesk stands out as a premier virtual assistant provider for all things customer support related. As one of the best virtual assistant companies, MyOutDesk focuses on providing cost-effective and adaptable virtual staffing solutions, empowering businesses to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and reach their objectives. As the longest-running virtual assistant company, your customer support virtual assistant from MyOutDesk will elevate your business operations.

Virtual assistants can support your business at any stage, catering to B2B and B2C companies. Whether you require a single assistant or an entire team, MyOutDesk facilitates seamless management of customer communications, resolution of support tickets, engagement in live chats, email responses, and administrative tasks.

Virtual Gurus

At Virtual Gurus, you’ll find a virtual assistant based in Canada or the United States who can help you build strong customer relationships. Trained as conflict masters, customers will be given detailed information via phone, email, or live chat, thereby reducing churn and increasing customer loyalty. Your virtual assistant will help streamline order placements and payment processes and manage returns, exchanges, and refunds.

Developing strong customer relationships is a process that requires dedication and effort. With Virtual Gurus' customer-centric virtual assistant services, your client interactions will be meticulously documented in CRM systems. Your virtual assistant will gather and assess feedback and diligently manage all customer-related records and reports, all while prioritizing the security and privacy of your data. The subscription model offers flexibility, allowing you to select from options of ten, 20, or 30 hours per month to best suit your needs.


The U.S.-based customer support virtual assistants at AbroadWorks are meticulously organized and detail-oriented professionals offering you their remote customer-centric talents. Your virtual assistant is guaranteed to excel in both written and verbal communication due to the company’s vigorous hiring process, including an aptitude test. This ensures only the top 1% are employed at AbroadWorks.

The entire recruiting process at AbroadWorks is simplified, and the company charges $0 for this service. What’s more, once your customer support virtual assistant is hired, the company takes care of all the billing. All you will pay is one monthly invoice.

Top VA Companies Specifically for Marketing

While companies continue to spend more marketing dollars to keep ahead of the competition, virtual assistants are there to handle repetitive tasks, freeing up time for marketing professionals to work on strategizing. Think content creation, social media scheduling, and management, as well as working on graphic design packages or managing communities.

Wing Assistant

Of course we’ll have Wing here! Our social media, digital marketing, content writing, and graphic designer virtual assistants help you create purposeful campaigns without breaking the bank. Wing marketing VAs handle everything from social media management and content writing to campaign execution and monitoring, creating images for ads and blog posts, and more. You can also access your Wing VA anywhere in the world, and they can work the same hours you do.


At Virtalent, you can easily hire a virtual marketing assistant for a specific task. A social media virtual marketing assistant can help you sort through your social media, supercharge your Facebook posts and ads, keep on top of your Tweets, and reignite your LinkedIn presence. Meanwhile, a content VA is available to boost your blog post, draft white papers, and create dynamic lead magnets to jump-start your email lists.

Working with a virtual assistant from Virtalent is a seamless experience. The company quickly helps you find your best match from a list of virtual assistants with at least 15 years of experience. Moreover, each client gets to work with their own Client Success Manager for an added touch.

Virtual Assistant Talent

Virtual Assistant Talent will help you easily add an online marketing virtual assistant to your team. Whether you need to maintain an online marketing campaign or just polish your brand image until it sparkles, Virtual Assistant Talent is one of the best virtual assistant companies for your marketing needs.

If you need a specialist in one area of the marketing umbrella, Virtual Assistant Talent has content writers for blogs and long-form articles, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) specialists to craft paid ads.

Stellar Staff

A third suggestion for one of the best virtual assistant companies for marketing includes Stellar Staff. This team of savvy VAs focuses on SEO, social media, and content marketing. All you need to do is schedule a meeting, and Stellar Staff will help you get started.

If you need marketing help but can’t quite afford a full-time employee, rest assured that Stellar Staff has a pricing model that will suit your needs. The company states that business owners will save about 70 percent, with pricing starting at a remarkable $8.49 per hour.

Best Virtual Assistant Companies for Real Estate

Virtual assistants aid real estate agents by handling administrative tasks, scheduling appointments, managing emails, conducting research, and providing customer support. This allows real estate agents to focus on sales and client relationships.

Wing Assistant

Wing also has virtual property managers and real estate VAs. These professionals have experience in a range of tasks, like managing property listings, guest inquiry and support, property sourcing and appraisal, bid management, scheduling house cleaning, monitoring guest reviews, tracking and reporting expenses, and more. Wing can also sign a non-disclosure agreement covering clients’ relationship with Wing and their relationship with any hired assistants.

REVA Global

REVA is one of the pioneers in the real estate virtual assistant space. Founded in 2015, the company mainly works with real estate agents, wholesalers, rehabbers, buy and hold investors, and property managers. They provide real estate virtual assistants in inside sales, transaction coordination, administrative assistance, property management, and marketing.

One of the strengths of REVA’s marketing strategy is its focus on people. REVA features detailed video testimonials from past clients, but also company reviews from its team of outsourced real estate talent. They really position themselves as a go-to for real estate staff augmentation.


TaskBullet understands how fierce the competition is in the real estate industry. That’s why they have remote virtual assistants that are specifically trained in real estate. They come prepared with years of experience and are already familiar with most software packages used.

With TaskBullet, pre-purchased virtual assistant hours are available for up to three months. What’s more, there are no contracts to sign and no hidden fees. If, for any reason, the VA isn’t a good fit for your company, TaskBullet offers a no-worries, 60-day money-back guarantee on unused hours. It’s that simple!


Virtual assistants at Zirtual remove administrative tasks for real estate agents. This frees up time for agents to close high-ticket sales. The result? Increased commissions and profits. Additionally, the needs of property managers haven’t been left out of the equation. A VA from Zirtual can handle repair requests, respond to renter concerns, assist with rent collection, and schedule property tours.

As one of the best virtual assistant companies for real estate VAs, Zirtual sets up your new partnership for success right from the very beginning.

Best VA Companies for Executive Assistants

Busy C-suite executives are under a lot of pressure. Finding the best virtual assistant companies to provide top-rated virtual assistants for these professional business leaders can be critical to overall company success. As an executive, you need to have a VA who can independently complete tasks assigned because you don’t have time to micromanage.

Wing Assistant

Assisting C-suite executives and senior managers is nothing new to Wing executive assistants. Our EAs manage complex personal and team calendars, plan business trips, maintain company databases, prepare financial documents, and support high-level professionals in many other ways. And we even provide fully managed teams for enterprises!


MySigrid stands out as one of the best VA companies for executive assistants. With its top-tier team of pre-vetted professionals boasting extensive business expertise and the ability to handle diverse tasks, MySigrid simplifies the workdays for busy C-suite executives. Confidentiality and discretion are of the utmost importance to this virtual assistant company.

One way MySigrid distinguishes itself is with its proprietary Collaboration & Task Management Platform. This user-friendly platform fosters efficient task resolution and effortless collaboration between assistants and executives. That’s what creates long-term business relationships.


WorxBee, one of the best virtual assistant companies for top-of-the-line remote executive assistants, offers Fortune 500-level services for C-suite executives. Skilled in administrative tasks, email management, and more, with a WorxBee virtual assistant, time-consuming tasks are managed so you can ensure an enjoyable work/ life balance. Let burnout be a thing of the past.

All VAs are based in the United States, and each has ten-plus years of related work experience. Pre-vetted and tested, WorxBee has assembled a stellar team of virtual executive assistants. Trained in Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), WorxBee's assistants deliver proven success across diverse industries like finance, technology, and healthcare, quickly mastering complex business environments.


With InboxDone, executives are assigned two masterfully trained virtual assistants for higher productivity and continual motion. Specializing in email management, your virtual assistants have superior writing skills and accurate attention to detail, freeing you from endless hours of sifting through your inbox. Email remains personal and private. What’s more, you’ll achieve zero emails left in your inbox daily.

Don’t be afraid to give your InboxDone virtual executive assistant work beyond email. They can achieve all tasks required in an efficient manner. This is guaranteed by the intense 10-step hiring process, which ensures that only the very best virtual assistants can work at InboxDone.

VA Companies for Sales Teams

Virtual assistants help sales teams create more revenue by acquiring more customers, leads, and sales. Sales is all about building relationships. Your virtual assistant can qualify leads and provide follow-up communication and sales reporting.

Wing Assistant

Wing has a wide range of sales support professionals. We staff VAs for lead generation, sales development, outbound calling, CRM data entry, and bilingual (ENG/ESP) support. Sales teams can delegate various aspects of the sales process to our VAs. Some tasks Wing assistants handle include deal closing, lead screening, B2B telemarketing, data entry, and more. We also provide done-for-you lead prospecting and outreach. This service is geared towards B2B services, SaaS apps, marketing agencies, startups, consulting firms, and other enterprise teams.


MyVA360 is one of the best virtual assistant companies for sales teams. Free up your time to focus on your customers with the help of your new college-educated sales virtual assistant. With this ongoing support, you will not need to hire a full-time staff member.

Your sales virtual assistant from MyVA360 will take care of all your administrative tasks, from updating calendars to scheduling meetings, creating reports, and documenting expenses. The tasks your sales virtual assistant can do for you are unlimited. You’ll easily be able to cross off everything on your daily to-do list.  Moreover, the company offers a quick setup and a free trial.

Virtual Assistant Talent

Virtual Assistant Talent will help you easily add a sales representative or telemarketer to your team. The company, which has been around for 13+ years, has a consistent A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Virtual Assistant Talent’s main audience are startup companies, small and medium enterprise owners, real estate investors, real estate agents, and physicians.

Are you looking for Specialized Talent? Try Wing!

Specialized talent is essential in any modern business environment to enhance not only productivity but overall customer satisfaction.

At Wing, our specialized talent supports e-commerce, technology, healthcare, marketing, sales, and real estate. A typical Wing Assistant is not only fluent in English but college educated. We pride ourselves on our rigorous vetting process. Every one of our Wing Assistants undergoes in-depth training and testing. Our team is global and available in any time zone.

At Wing, your virtual assistant is dedicated to you and only works on your tasks during assigned hours. This ensures accuracy and care. Wing assistants are all over the world and can work in any time zone. Additionally, Wing Assistants can use any software, including Hootsuite, Salesforce, Trello, and more for easier integration.

What are you waiting for? Contact Wing today!

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