Spotlight your story with a content marketing assistant

Let your Wing Content Marketing Assistant tell the world about your story.
Your Wing assistant can produce and schedule blog posts, create marketing materials like ad copy and brochures, and ensure the text is edited,
proofread, and search-friendly.

  • Offload content creation
  • Get support for tedious SEO tasks
  • Focus on marketing strategy


    Businesses Use Wing Content Marketing Assistants

    Producing a Content Calendar

    Your assistant will manage your editorial calendar using our in-house app for scheduling and publishing posts.

    Creating Thoughtfully Written Copy

    Receive informative blog posts, product descriptions, and web copy from your Wing Content Marketing Assistant.

    Writing Newsletters and Press Releases

    Keep your audience updated with email campaigns and PR pieces about your company.

    Preparing Copy for Advertisements

    Supercharge your company’s growth and boost your top-of-funnel traffic with ad copy from your assistant.

    Putting Together Whitepapers

    Answer your customer’s pain points with whitepapers written by our content marketing pros.

    Optimizing Web Copy for Search

    Your assistant can perform SEO research and optimize existing/new content for optimum performance.


    What Wing Content Marketing Assistants Can Do

    Your assistant will be able to tackle tasks from some of these areas:

    Content Planning<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_CP" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Content Planning

    Content Writing<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_CW" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Content Writing

    Basic SEO<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_SEO" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Basic SEO

    Newsletter Writing<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_NW" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Newsletter Writing

    Product Descriptions<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_PD" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Product Descriptions

    Ad Copy<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_ADC" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Ad Copy

    Whitepaper Writing<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_WHW" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Whitepaper Writing

    Webpage Copy<a class="protip" data-pt-title="#tooltipContent_WPC" data-pt-scheme="blue" data-pt-gravity="bottom"></a></li>

    Webpage Copy

    Example of

    What Wing is Already Doing for Companies


    Wing, can you write promotional material we can use during client meetings?


    Wing created brochures and slide shows that the agents can show prospects, ensuring the copy is accurate and free of punctuation or grammar errors.


    Wing, come up with posts for our social media platforms.


    Wing created graphics, copy, and captions for the company’s social media pages. Wing also created and maintained a content calendar to ensure the page stays active.


    Wing Content: Dedicated Content Management Tool

    All Social Media clients receive complimentary access to our Wing Social tool - a specialised app built to help you communicate with your assistant, collaborate on new content, review and schedule new posts, and receive updates from communities you follow or manage, all in one place.

    Complimentary Content Management App

    Wing VAs use our in-house software to plan content. Coordinate with your assistant, approve posts they queue up, and provide them with resources for their posts through our app.

    • Share media

    • Create workflows

    • Chat with assistants

    • Use built-in Kanban board

    Create Workflows for Complex Tasks

    Have detailed instructions to convey to your VA? Use Workflows - its drag-and-drop UI makes simplifying complex tasks a breeze. Set them to run on their own, or ask Wing to do so.

    • Break down work into steps

    • Drag-and-drop interface

    Media Library

    Have a single repository for all your marketing collateral - our app’s content library lets you upload images, videos, and infographics for your assistant’s use. This way, you can ensure brand consistency across platforms!


    Wing Works With Everything

    Wherever your audience are, or whatever tools you use
    Wing Content Marketing Assistant connects with it


    "A Game-changer"

    Wing Content Marketing Assistants are a game-changer. Maintaining a presence online is crucial for business success today, and with my Wing assistant, I’m sure that my social media pages, blog posts, and ads get written, and written well!


    All plans come with...

    Customer Success Manager

    You'll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager help you with set up, and anytime you need any help with Wing.

    Loads of Addons!

    If you need a bilingual assistant, weekend coverage, or additional assistants, just speak with us. We'll get you what you need!

    Full Customization

    Customize everything, from the way we operate, to the tools we use, to the processes we follow.

    App & Notifications

    Manage Wing & get notifications on the go, with our mobile app, available on Android and iOS.

    Award Winning Support

    Wing's Customer Support is available round the clock, and usually gets back within minutes.

    Full Availability

    Wing Assistants are available 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. You pick the window!

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